Monday, October 28, 2013

All in the Lord's Time

October 28, 2013

A neat thing that I learned this week was that the Lords timing is perfect timing. We had gotten a reference from the other Hermanas in our area and it was a great one.   We kept trying to go by and visit them and 2 months passed by without being able to reach them.  Then one day we were in the area and we were like lets go see if Soledad is home. Gratefully they were home and they let us come up - for only 5 minutes, but we stayed for 45 minutes - best ever. We were able to meet her other daughter that has had some hard times and is just really lost.  She just moved back home this week and we showed up just 2 days afterwards.  We talked with her and then we went back the next day and she also came to church!  It was so neat.  She is ready for the gospel.    I do believe she needs time to process it and find answers, but I know that the gospel is what she needs to find light in her life. It was neat cause all the other times they didn’t let us in was for a reason cause we needed to meet Fransisca. We needed to wait so we could talk to her.

This week we got to do a service project yay! There is a mansion - literally it’s amazing, on a street that is close to our house were some of the missionaries in the MTC live.  They aren’t able to  house all of them in the MTC anymore so they use this mansion for spare rooms.   We went over there to help clean after some of the missionaries left we got the privilege of cleaning the Elders bathroom.  I got to clean the shower -  can I say, I swear no one had washed that ever!  I was scrubbing and scrubbing and I was just thinking “How could they live like this?” those poor things.  Let’s just say my future family will live in a clean environment if it’s the last thing I do!  haha 

This Sunday we got to go to the baptism of Elvira.  It was so sweet, but let’s just say it had a bumpy start. So first off the first speaker didn’t show  - our old mission leader... ya we were so disappointed in him, but then Hermana Diaz got up and gave a talk on the spot that was really great.  It was going better after that and then they went to get up to go to the font and it’s like taking forever and we were like, “What is going on?”  So I got up and started playing the piano, yes all 4 hymns I know haha, but it was better than the awkward silence.  They come back and they were like the water is too hot we can’t get in it so then the brethren  went outside and got the hose and put it through the window and started filling the font up with cold water. haha so funny!  After like 2 more times of getting up and coming back the water finally was ready and she got baptized.  It was an adventure, but you know it was perfect cause she got baptized and that is the important part. It was so sweet to see her hug her son who baptized her at the end. I know that baptism is essential.

This week I had the opportunity to go to the temple. It was amazing and very peaceful. I know that the temple really is the house of God cause you can feel the spirit there. I am sad I won’t get to go back until next year, but it was a great experience especially cause I got to go with Hermana Rivera and Hermana Talbot - I love those girls so much!

So random fact everyone here thinks my name is Jennie yep I am la Jennie to everyone.  It’s so funny or Hermana Jennie haha but I love it!  haha

This week was a great week - thanks for the letters love ya’ll so very much!
Hermana Jennings

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