Monday, October 21, 2013

9 Month Mark

October 21, 2013

So this week was a great one. Monday we had a miracle happen.  So we were walking to a less actives house and we passed this woman and her dog,  I then got the strongest impression to stop and talk to her.  Which was the spirit cause when I did I realized she was someone we had contacted like 2 and half months ago and had given her a Book of Mormon.  She was like thank you so much for that book. I love it,  it just brings such peace into my life and I read it all the time. We were like trying to hold in our excitement as we asked her if she had more time for us to talk more about this book. We went in and had the neatest lesson and she has totally been prepared. I love when you meet people like that and they are feeling the spirit but they don’t know what it is and it’s our job to help them recognize this, learn and come unto Christ. It was a tender mercy from the Lord to bring Carolina into our lives. We are going to teach her again today so we are excited.
This week yes I hit the 9 month mark.... sad huh?  We do this weird thing here as sister missionaries on the mission when we hit 9 months.  We stuff our shirts so we are pregnant bahah get it like 9 months? A real baby 9 months of a mission! Just a bunch of crazy sisters with fake pregnant bellies! haha It was lots of fun and kind of weird, but then we had cake and it was so good.  So it was a fun little party after a hard day’s work. I sure do love the Sisters that I live with they are like really sisters. It’s so crazy how fast the time flies so just enjoy every day cause that’s all we can do.  We can work on being a better version of the person we were yesterday. I am a little sad cause the time went by so fast and I’ll be home before I know it which is a bummer cause I really love the mission. Going back will be hard - like huge culture shock too, but ya’ll just have to come visit Chile it’s the best.
This week was so hot yep we are sweating buckets here in October, weird huh? I am proud to say I have a watch tan!! I’m using my Chilean version of a camel pack and it’s like the best invention ever - I love it.
This week we got to take some members to the temple tour where we start in the chapel next to the temple and have a tour and talk about the restoration Christ and his baptism and the prophet and then we go inside the front part of the temple, it’s just the entry way and its very small, but you can tell the difference from the outside.  We only get to go to the temple once a year so going in a little part was amazing and the spirit was so amazing.  On the bright side I get to go to the temple tomorrow I am so excited.  Something that  I learned was when we stopped in front of the first vision photo of joseph Smith, God and Jesus and we talked about the Book of Mormon  and I got to explain what the Book of Mormon is to me and to me.  That book is where I can go to feel God’s love for me. I feel a peace and a belonging like no other when I read this book and I want all of you to go read 2 Nephi 4  It is so great, it’s one of those things that makes me feel like I have so much to change to become who God wants me to b, but it gives me hope at the same time. I love the Book of Mormon as it was written for us in our day. If you haven’t had the chance to read it go read it cause it will change your life cause it continues to change mine and brings peace and love into my life.
Today we had a fun P-day experience we went out to eat sushi  which was so good?!  The restaurant we went too we got to see a Chilean celebrity... i didn’t know who he was but that kind of stuff so doesn’t happen in Fayetteville! haha   It was fun and the sushi was so good haha and it was so great to go out with my Chilean family and i sure am going to miss them if I get transferred.
Well I love ya’ll so very much thanks so much for the support and the love that you send and I am praying for ya’ll always


Hermana Jennings

Learn more about the Book of Mormon :)

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