Monday, July 29, 2013

Attitude Makes A Difference

July 25, 2013

So this week was an adventure as always full of lots of great stuff!

1. I need a haircut....but I think I’ll wait for Siomaras mom to cut it next July..

This week I went on splits with the other sisters while our Sister Training Leader came to El Golf to go on splits with my comp. One of the sisters had the worst, like the worst experience with her hair cut. She wanted layers and she was left with pretty much a bowl cut slash mullet it’s the saddest thing I have ever seen. She has been growing her hair out for 4 years and in 15 min it was all gone except for a little bit in the back. The poor thing.  Ya I am in desperate need of a haircut but I really don’t trust anyone except Siomaras mom, so tell her that she is amazing and that I miss her and so does my hair haha and that I will come back speaking Spanish!

2. Sickness Strikes again
me and claudia my dear friend in our ward

So this week my comp caught a stomach flu and we were stuck in the pension for 1 day and a half.  It was the longest day ever!  It was nice we studied and watched some movies but there is like a flu thing going around here and I hope that I don’t catch it.My comp is doing much better and we are out working hard once again. 

3. Goal for this week- We can choose what type of attitude we want to have

me and a m and m sign hehe i had to take a picture with  this hehe 
This week I had the goal to choose to react to everything in a positive way even if it really wasn’t that positive and you  know what I had a fantastic week! Sure we had bad days for sure, but I decided to make them good days.  Like the day we waited in the registro civil for like 5 hours to find out we had to go to another one and just pick my comps carnet (visa) up. When we finally made it to the right place it was closed. Rough!   I was like hey it’s all good we are going to have a great day anyway and we did. Sure things some things don’t go our way and sometimes we fall down, but just get back up laugh at yourself and go on smiling.  That really is the only way to live life cause being grumpy just isn’t really fun. I also realized that the Lord is in charge and that we just need to trust Him and do what is right and keep the commandments and all will be well. I love being a missionary it is like the best thing ever and love teaching people about our Savior Jesus Christ. All is great here in this part of the world I hope all of ya’ll are doing so very well.

Love ya’ll so very much. 

you know just saving a life...ok being a goob....

Hermana Jennings

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