Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baptism - Ultimate Joy!

July 8, 2013

So this week was very interesting to say the least like let’s just say everything went wrong that could have gone wrong. (this always happens the week before baptisms)

Earlier this week I celebrated 4th of July....ok let’s be real I totally forgot about it until I went to district class and they were all like happy 4th!   I was like what? Oh ya its July..... where did the time go?  I only have like a year left of my mission.  Now I am freaking out cause time passes so very fast so use it wisely! There was a promotion at Johnny Rockets if you brought a gringo you could get 30 percent off haha!  We didn’t go but I thought that was supper funny.  Later that day we went to a members home and she gave us some mac and cheese, Kraft brand, I just about died and went to heaven cause I had forgotten about that.  I love the food here, but sometimes my body doesn’t but not important.
Me and Miranda -  she is the member that gave me mac and cheese for 4th! 

This week . . . Jorge got baptized!!! Before he got baptized on Friday he called us and told us he couldn’t get baptized.We were like what! So we rushed over there as soon as we heard (this was 30 min before his baptismal interview) and we went to see what was wrong.  He told us that his mom had called all sad that he was getting baptized while she was in Europe and that if he got baptized she would never forgive him.... We were like oh no, if he waits 6 weeks Satan  is bound to get to him cause lets just say this week was he-double hockey sticks for everyone and I can’t imagine what would have happened in 6 weeks more.... We finally talked to him and by the end he was like I know I am supposed to get baptized Sunday so all was well. We had another baptism planned for Sunday too but it fell through Friday for certain reasons. It was so sad and when Jorge called saying he couldn’t get baptized either we practically almost died, but in the end Jorge got baptized and it was the best ever! 

Anyways back to the story the Sunday of his baptism Jorge didn’t show up for sacrament meeting we started freaking out and called him ( we woke him up) he had gone to bed at 4am in the morning.  He came for the last two hours of church and then we finally made it to the baptism and it was an amazing experience.  The parts that were my favorite was when Jorge after his got baptized hugged Hermano Reijer and just cried he said it was a beautiful experience and that he feel so good!  It was so neat to hear of his testimony.  He talked about how 1 year ago times had gotten so bad that he did not have the desire to live and he tried to take his life,

The Baptismal Font Room

but he said that a force stopped him and he wasn’t hurt.  He said that now he knows that that was the Lord and that the Lord knew that he had a greater things yet to do in this life. It was so neat because his life has really changed so very much.  He really wants to do what is right and he is such a funny jolly guy.  It has been so fun to teach him and become his friend. All and all I am really grateful this week is over!  It was one crazy week full of lots of not fun stuff but I have a feeling that next week will be better.  In reality we had lots of really great times this week interspersed with all the bad.  Lesson learned this week -  so no matter how bad things get just look for and create good moments where you can smile and laugh.  Some of the things that really made my day this week were the people here they really are just some good people and i learn from them every day. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to be in El Golf and meet all these people that have become my dear friends.

I really love my comp we really get along ahaha we enjoy singing titanic at the top of our lungs, singing off tune together and just having each other during all the crazy stuff that happens and it was so fun to have her as my comp during my first baptism.  I am really going to miss her if we ever get changed she is really funny and she has a powerful testimony and let’s just say I know I’ll always have a friend in Honduras!

All and all I am loving life.  I hope ya’ll are loving life too! Keep smiling and know that things happen for a reason and that God loves you and is aware of all that is happening in your life!

Love ya’ll

Hermana Jennings

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