Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I love the Book of Mormon!

July 15, 2013

So this week lots of adventures let’s see where to begin....

1. So Monday we went to see a recent convert and she had Cena her daughter with her which was amazing cause someone said that her daughter does not like us and would not accept visits at her house. Hey she let us in and we even talked about the gospel for a bit with her daughter.  We are going to go back today.  We asked if she was married as we did not want to make the mistake of not knowing again as one of our baptisms fell through because we assumed he was married – never assume. We asked for photos of her wedding like 200 photos later we were 100 percent positive they were legally married... yep haha 

2. This week we got to teach Jorge about service. It was neat cause we had an activity this Saturday called the CVD “Centro de Visitantes en la Capilla” where people come and tour the church and learn more about what we believe. It is a fun event and it was need to see that Jorge came and helped set up and then he came later to help out.  It was neat to see him applying what he learned and how that he has a desire to serve others and I love to see how the gospel has changed people. 
This is the instrument our converso Jorge plays it is bigger than me.....
i have decided to master it when i get home from the mission...ok just kidding haha 

3. This week I have learned a lot about families. I have had the opportunity to enter many different homes and learn from different families what I want in a family and what I don’t want to do with my family. We had some amazing talks in sacrament meeting this Sunday. They talked about how the family should be first.  This one brother told a story of a Stake President that had the job of picking up President Hinckley from the airport when he came to visit Chile years ago because he could speak English.  The speaker talked about how the Stake President studied the facts of his stake; like members that didn’t come to church, the number of baptisms and etc.  But when Gordon B Hinckley got in the car he did not ask about his calling he asked, “What is the theme for your family home evening this Monday?”, “Do you feel the spirit with your family as you have family prayer each night?”   The speaker then talked about how it is super important to put your family first and really teach them the gospel and love them because the family is the most important.  If everyone loved their family like they should the world would be such a better place. Another sister talked about how we need to unplug our lives electronically and always make sure that we don’t put our electronic toys before our children. I know that the family is ordained of God and that it really is so important to build strong families based on honesty, trust and love. 
Me and Claudia Ocampo she is a return missionary that comes 
out with us a lot i love her so much!!!!

4. There is power in the Book of Mormon. So this week every spare moment I have had I have read the Book of Mormon and it really has helped me get through times that are tough.  It is neat to be able to read it in Spanish. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that it truly testifies of Christ and that we can learn from the stories in the Book of Mormon and apply them to our lives to help us avoid making the same mistakes. I know that if anyone really reads the Book of Mormon with the intent to study it and then ask God if it is true they will know without a doubt that it is true!.

5. I think we finally found a new apartment so more sisters can come to El Golf.  It’s in our same building, which is awesome.  Now I hope that I can stay another transfer to get to live in it cause it’s pretty and I like it! I have been in my area for almost 5 months I think I’ll stay another transfer! I love this area and the people here are just like family!  There is a sister in our ward whose mom I call mom and she always asks about Lillers.  

No I don't get to drive - I'm just pretending.

All is great we are searching for new investigators and praying to be lead to people that are prepared. Love ya’ll so much!!

Hermana Jennings
Nemo loves being on a mission!

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