Monday, August 26, 2013

Getting Wet :(

August 26, 2013

(Just a note - the governmental mail service in Santiago has been shut down for a month so email is the only way to contact Lauren at the moment)

So this week was so great! I love being a trainer my companion Hermana Leishman is the best and we just always have fun together. She really was an answer to my prayers. So this week I have some funny stories for ya’ll. First we were at a lunch appointment and we went to sit on the couch to say the prayer and I sit down and start to pray and then my butt gets all cold and wet I am like what the heck is going on?  So I start inching toward my comp... she was like,  “What does she want to do - snuggle with me during the prayer?”.... Nope it turns out I was sitting on the opening of her camel back and water was just spilling out.  I said amen and jumped up.   Maria Alicia was like, “Wow you sure felt strong about that prayer”  and i was like,  “No agua..... haha! She was like,  “You so can’t go out on the street with your whole backside all wet!”  So I borrowed a dress from her and she but my other dress in the dryer and I was just going to pick it up some other time. Then we went to the Lamartines house to practice language and my hose was still soaked so I used her blow dryer to be all dry again. Ya I blow dried my backside in a members house. I think that officially make the Lamartine family my family hahah!

So onto the next story....So I don’t know if anyone remembers the first time I got peed on by a dog, but yikes let’s just say I so didn’t learn my lesson.  I held the same dog twice and of course  the dog peed on me again and it was a lot!  It was so gross but we just laughed and laughed.  Tender mercy from the Lord is that I remembered that my dress I had got soaked the day before was at Maria Alicias house just 4 buildings down the road.  We went and I changed into my clean dress and washed my coat to the best of my abilities.  I borrowed some perfume and we went to work.  I am pretty sure I smelled bad still but we just contacted for the rest of the day and no one was home so I think that was a blessing. Ya  let’s just say this week was so not my week with clothes and liquids and don’t worry i washed my coat.... haha  Then the next day we went to go find a reference named Carmen. The address was wrong and we ended up playing where in the world is Carmen Santiago it was so funny!   We found some new investigators that way, but  still haven’t found Carmen but the search goes on....

Something I learned this week was first we need to treat everyone with tons of love cause they are our brothers and sisters and because we are all children of God.  You know when someone is going to do something that bugs you or things are just crazy.  Before you start thinking negative things about that person first think about how much God loves them and how they are your brother or sister. Remember how sometimes you do things that bug others too.  Have patience and love people cause we are all not perfect and I  think we are all doing the best we can.  Loving someone will help them change a whole lot faster than just sitting there wishing they would just change. This week I learned to be positive no matter what happened.  It was funny cause the night after I got peed on I was like this should have been the worst day ever but it wasn’t.  My comp and I just worked hard and chose to have fun and it was a great day!
This week I have felt the enabling power of the Atonement. I don’t know how I survived this week cause I was sick and between coughing all night and the heartburn I barely slept for like 4 days and somehow we just kept going.   It was a miracle cause I should have died (ok that was dramatic) and nurse Talbot (Hermana Talbot) one of the other sisters that lives with me helped me and got me some medicine that has been helping a lot. This week was great and I love being a missionary!  Ya’ll be great now and remember how much you are loved ok cause everyone is worth it everyone has something to smile about cause we are all children of God! I love all of you!!!!

Hermana Jennings

My Favorite Candy Bar

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