Monday, August 19, 2013

Training a New Missionary

August 19, 2013

            So first off Hermana Leishman, my new companion, is the best. I feel she came pre-trained. She is the most loving person and she has such a desire to work hard and be a great missionary and she even walks fast with me its great! She is from Lehi, Utah and she is 19. She was studying psychology before she came on her mission at UVU. She is a lot taller than me and then she told me she is like 5’8”.... i am so short but happy haha.  She is the sweetest person I have ever met and we have had some really spiritual experiences and she is here for the right reasons.  
I love training not because I am a trainer but because we have the opportunity to study the 12 week program again. My trainer like rushed through it and I really don’t think I got all I could have got out of it so I am really trying to help my comp and I learn the program and apply the principles. I love living with other sisters it is so great!
This week I saw so many miracles because we were praying for miracles and you know what we ask the Lord will give. This week I had an amazing experience; we went to a menos activos (less active member) house named Roberto.  He has been in the bishopric twice but he hasn’t been to church in three years.  We would always go by and ring on his bell and he would answer and be like, “No I in my pjs” or “No I’m tired”.  We got him to come to church 2 times in the last 3 months but he really didn’t get it so we went there this week and he let us in.  We had to sit outside but the night was nice and Hermana Leishman shared a scripture about perseverar hasta el fin (enduring to the end) and it was amazing because then I just started asking him questions.  I have really been trying to ask inspired questions this week cause they are so important.  I don’t even remember what I asked him cause I don’t think I was the one who put them in my mind. He was like, “That is exactly what I am not doing” and I was like,  “Do you know the church is true?” and he said,   “I always have, I have never doubted.” and I was just like straight up with him. I have learned a lot that we have the power to make choices and we can make big changes by making a choice and just doing it.   I then said, “Now I am asking you Roberto will you make the choice now to come back to church and do what you know you should be doing?” and he said,  “Yes”.   He then said,   “I know why you are here so you could, (pretty much he said chilean dicho) kick my butt back into shape. (Mom you would have so been the same way and I left and was like that was a mom moment.  Mom  you are going to be the best missionary ever hey when dad and you go on your mission how about I come and we will be trio).  I was so pumped.  I don’t know I was just like duro (tough),

  but in a loving way and he realized that he can change.  Then his 2 sons came out and I did the same with them and Sunday Roberto came to church and so did one of his sons that had declined my offer earlier.  I wanted to cry for joy to see these two in the church again the son said it was like a new beginning or like coming home. I know that I need to be here for a reason because there are people here that the Lord wants me to talk to and I love that I have the chance to be a missionary and that the spirit is our constant guide cause half the time the words I say are not my thoughts, but the Holy Ghost is speaking through me.
The other miracle that happened was an investigator pulled up a quote from a church authority and then asked a question.  I had no idea how to respond and I was stalling and praying for an answer and then randomly this thought popped into my mind.  I didn’t even know if it was right, but I just said it and it was right and it worked out.  It was so sweet cause Hermana Leishman was like,  “I knew he asked something tough, but I didn’t know what was going on or what he said, but I was praying for you - that was so amazing. It has been a fun experience to train someone. This week was stressful but great. It’s kind of funny that I am teaching her Spanish... but it’s weird cause I speak Spanish now so - never say never - cause you will end up doing it someday!  I am loving life so much and I am thankful for the many blessings that I see in my life everyday as a missionary. 
Another miracle that happened is that we went to visit Ruben Friday. We were just expecting to see him but Amada was there and she listened to lesson 2 and Hermana Lamartine came and she helped me teach so much and was a vital role in the lesson.  It went really well and Ruben said that Amada is reading the pamphlet we gave her and we are going to teach her again. I am so excited and now I hope that Amada can accept the gospel cause she is so great and I just love her!
This is Hermana Leishman's cool Quote Wall

I want to share some points I learned about at the trainers meeting I went to this week:

1. The spirit is everything. I have seen that this week where I didn’t know what to say but the spirit did and if I just open my mouth I will find the words to say.

2. Pride ruins. If I am prideful I cannot be a good mom to my trainie and this life is all about learning to be humble.

3. Correct with questions. When we need to correct our companions we can ask them questions that allow them to look inward and evaluate themselves and find what they need to fix and most importantly be humble and receive correction yourself.

4. Is love behind all my actions? This question is a question I should ask myself always to help me focus on the love of our Savior and how I am here to help others and it’s not about me. 

So this week at church my Abuela told me that she had found my blog but she can’t read it cause it’s in English so I am going to be writing a little bit in Spanish so that she can read my blog too.

Mi abuela Silva! eso es para usted para que usted puede leer mis cartas tambien. disculpe para mi espanol es mas dificil a escribir pero ojala usted puede entender. esta semena era buenisimo. mi nueva companera es buenisimo pero extrano hermana rivera y usted pero un lunes necesitamos visitar usted porque usted es mi abuelo. este semana tuvemos la oportunidad a ensenar muchas personas y aprendi que el espiritu santo es super importante. supe eso pero mi testimonio crecio mucho despeus este experiencia. estuvemos en una leccion y nuestra investigator nos pregunto una pregunta muy dificil pero el espiritu sant me ayudo para contestarle y toda era bien en el final. Se que esta inglesia es verdadera. Le quiero mucho

Hermana Jennings

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