Monday, September 2, 2013

The Proposal

September 2, 2013

So this week was great lots of stories!

1. The Proposal

I may or may not have been asked by someone to marry them.... so funny !  I love the random experiences you have on the mission and don’t worry I said no.  haha

2. Leading in church

This Sunday the person who usually leads wasn’t there and someone asked me to lead and I was like, “OK, but I don’t know how to do that very well”... but when someone asks you to serve just say yes!  You know what by the third song I was getting a hang of it (let me just tell you that of course all three songs were in different patterns or counts haha ) it was an adventure.  It was also neat how my comp and Hermana Rivera were helping me from the audience, when I would get lost.  I am so practicing leading now but I am afraid ya’ll just don’t have a very musical daughter haha.  It was a fun experience and I learned to just over come my fears give it all I had and no one died so it’s all good!

3. The importance of the Spirit in a Home

This week we went into lots of homes that were lacking the Spirit it is not a good feeling. It is almost worse when they should be worthy to have the Spirit and it’s not there. I have learned the importance of family on the mission.  I have seen great families and ones that are struggling.  I will do everything in my power to make sure my family in the future will always have a home to come home to that is full of the Spirit and love and that is refuge from the world.  I am also thankful that I was raised in a place like that and that my family is amazing and has helped me grow and become closer to Christ

4. Empanadas and Sushi

I now know how to make empanadas.  It was so fun and it takes forever so I think I’ll just make the dough part and put like cheese mushrooms and tomatoes cause I am not too fond  of the traditional Chilean stuff they put in there. It was fun and my comp and I are learning to cook fun things!   We also got fed sushi this week it was so stinking good!  There was this one that had a fried outer covering on the sides and it was like heaven! So yummy - we are spoiled in our area haha sometimes I feel like I am in New York in Manhattan.  It’s fun and there are a lot of amazing people here too\

5. Miracles

So this week we saw a miracle with Paulina and her family.  She is married to a man that was baptized when we he was 8 and he stopped going to church when he was 11. We always invite him to join us but he always declines,  but this week he came and we taught him twice. It is pretty much like teaching an investigator but he has already been baptized. I want this family to all go to church cause they are just good people especially Paulina she got baptized in May  This week we needed someone to come with us to visit a less active member and the sister we had set up canceled the last minute and we called Paulina and she came and was happy to do it. She is amazing cause both of her parents live with her and they both have Alzheimer’s in the late stages and she cares for them every day.  She really is an amazing woman and I look up to her and love her so much!!!   I just want her and her family to be sealed in the temple and I know with time that can be a goal!

6. The Ward Activity

We had a ward activity this week and it was amazing so many people came and so many people brought their friends.  There was such a strong spirit there and I could just feel an overwhelming love.  There was one point at the end when we were all eating the refreshments and talking and I was standing by my comp alone cause we had just finished talking to someone.  I just sat there and started looking at all the people and I almost started crying.  These people are so very special to me.  They have changed my life and I have a love for them that I can’t describe.  I know I might never see them again after my mission and that makes me sad but I know that there is more than just this life.  We can work hard follow Christ and return to live with God again and always be learning and progressing with the people we love forever and ever. I love this gospel -  it truly is where we find real happiness and learn how we can become better and learn how to become more like Christ! 
All and all I love the mission and I have seen how it has been changing me for the better. It is my goal to always be progressing and be better every day cause that’s what life is about!

I love my comp so much she is like an angel sent from heaven!!!!

Keep smiling and just enjoy the journey each day!

Hermana Jennings

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