Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Missionary Work Progresses

So this week has been such a great week! My new comp is great and we really teach well together.  She is a great teacher. She has taught me so much already and it’s only been a week. So it’s been fun to have a new comp she is new to the area and doesn’t know anyone or the area so I pretty much plan everything and get us place to place.  This has been a neat experience for me because I can actually do this.  I have had to rely on the Spirit a ton more to be able to know what to do next and this has led us to some pretty neat experiences and some new investigators.

This week we had to take it a little easy because my comp is recovering from surgery but she has been such a trooper that’s for sure! She really does all she can but we really have been blessed with success this week even though we couldn’t work the whole time all the time.

Teaching Jorge
So Jorge is an old investigator that we were teaching. We had only taught him one time and then he was never home, but this week we randomly went to his house and he was home.  It was a miracle and he was excited to have us teach him.  We taught him lesson one and about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. It was so neat to watch him learn whenever he would learn something new,  he would be like,  “Really I never knew that,”  and he was fascinated.  It was neat to see. It was funny cause he was the only one home so we taught him in his outside patio area where there was a light but it was a movement censored light so every 5 minutes the lights would go off and we had to raise our hands above our heads for the sensor to detect and then the lights would turn on.  It was really quite funny, but it didn’t interrupt the lesson and we were able to teach and feel the spirit. We are going to watch the restoration movie with him this Friday and I am so excited cause he is really excited about it. He wants to learn. I pray that he will join the church and that he progresses.  He is such a great guy and such a fun person to be around he has a fun personality, full of laughter. Ya’ll would really like him.

Splits with Cristal and Lesson for Thina
Cristal from  our Ward
So this week we took Cristal, a 15 year old girl in our ward who is so strong in the gospel and such a stud,  with us to a lesson with Thina.  It was such a great lesson. Thina is so golden, but it’s a bummer because she does not live in our area.  She lives in Puente Alto but she works in El Golf so we teach her. She was so neat because we taught the Word of Wisdom and she was like I drink coffee but now I won’t drink any more coffee.  It was amazing!  She is such a sweet lady and she is in Alma in the Book of Mormon. It is such a bummer we can baptize her or even challenge her to baptism as she lives out of our area.  The Elders who work in her area are going to visit her next Sunday so that is great.  It was so neat to have Cristal there she really has such a strong testimony and she shared a personal experience that really added to the lesson.  It is so important to bring members to lessons.  So members go to the missionaries this Sunday and ask when you can go out on splits with them cause it makes all the difference.  We all have a responsibility to help with missionary work and don’t be scared because the Lord is on your side. Love ya’ll and be brave and help bring forth the work.
Teaching Thina

Dinner at the Bishops House
Funny times in the Subway
So this Sunday we had dinner at the Bishops house after church and that was so great because they brought 2 investigators for us to teach. The thing that was so great was that another family was there and there was lots of people, lots of food, and lots of love.  It reminded me of my home when we would invite people over for dinner and then have a game night afterward it was so fun and I felt that I was at home with all of ya’ll eating have enjoying good company. One of the investigators wanted to listen but the niece of the Bishop was not really sure.  She said she would think about it, but the Bishop is going to keep working with her and we are going to have a family home evening with them soon.  Pray that she can have her heart softened and listen to our message because she was almost baptized when she was 15.

I just love my ward so very much there are just some really great people in my ward. They feel like my family here.  There is one sister Hermana Alarcon - she is like my mom here.  I call her mom and she calls me hija (daughter) It’s the best!  I just never want to leave this place it is so true that when you serve people you just love them so much more!  I love the mission so very much and I am working hard every day. I pray for all of you all the time and hope that you all are doing so very well. Don’t forget how much God loves you and that you are all important!

Love ya’ll

Hermana Jennings

Farewell Chinese Dinner with Sister Cisneros

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