Monday, May 20, 2013

Transfers & a Bloody Nose

May 20, 2013
This week has been a crazy one full of adventures and lots of change. So here’s what happened.
Splits with Hermana Valeriano
This week I had the opportunity to go on splits with my companions old companion from the MTC, small world in the mission! Ya that was fun, she is a sweetheart and it was neat to be the one calling the shots in my sector again and it was a great day. We taught an investigator Pablo and his mom Paulina but sadly they are not progressing and I am not sure if we will go back.  It is heartbreaking because at the beginning they were so golden and now I just don’t know but all I can do is listen to the spirit and visit them and pray. We also had the chance to visit a less active member named Andrea. She is so sweet and is from Australia so she talks to me in English sometimes which is fun. She committed to reading the Book of Mormon everyday so I hope she does cause she is the best.  All and all splits are fun but I missed my comp.
Another Embarrassing Story, but a Spiritual Experience at the Same Time
This week we had interviews with the mission president. I was pumped because I really love my mission president and his wife they are great people. So after my interview with president I asked him for a Priesthood blessing. While he was giving the blessing I started to cry because it was such a powerful blessing and it was exactly what i needed to hear. As I was crying I tasted something salty.-.... and I was like no..... yep I opened my eyes ( I know this was probably bad but it was necessary) and looked down and my hand was covered in . . . yep you named it blood. Like my nose randomly started bleeding during the blessing.  I bet that was a first for president and people reading this letter too!  Yep so I just held my hand over my nose and when the blessing was over I hopped up and said,  “My nose is bleeding”,  poor president he was all flustered and we ran to the bathroom and then he got my comp. haha It was really random and funny and I really am not embarrassed because lets be real stuff like this happens all the time. So don’t be embarrassed just smile and laugh with others and just feel good inside.  There is never a need to be embarrassed or feel dumb cause we all make mistakes and it’s going to be ok. It was an experience I will never forget.  For me it was a blessing because the words in that blessing were exactly what I needed to hear, like exactly! Now I will never forget what he said because of the crazy story that happened but it is a blessing to be able to always remember this Priesthood blessing and what was said in it because I can gain strength and comfort from this blessing every day. Yes I now feel bonded with president haha but yes I hope ya’ll enjoyed this one.
OK this is the part ya’ll were probably wanted at the front of the letter.... Yes my comp is gone... sad day indeed. She is a great missionary. What went down was we thought we had made it because it was 11pm at night and we were celebrating that we were still comps when the phone rang.... let’s just say we were not excited to talk to pres. My comp went to a new area and is training 2 new sisters and I am still in el golf.  My new companion is Hermana Rivera.  She is from Honduras.  Mom, dad I am sure the name of this country is bringing back fond memories of me and Sean and the other Sean almost getting left in Honduras... sorry again but hey on the bright side if that ever happens again I now have a friend from Honduras haha Yes she is almost 23 and she can sing amazing (well I have just heard this I have yet to hear her sing) She has a big family and she just recently had an operation because she had some cysts they had to take out so we have to take it easy. Poor thing she is in pain and walking is rough for her. El golf just got bigger yep my sector doubled in size because President doesn’t like Elders and Sisters in the same ward so the Assistants left and now we have their area also. Yes dad I’ll probably be walking like 24 miles a day now, just kidding.  Ya it’s crazy it’s  like getting 2 areas and a new comp and I need to teach her everything about El Golf, but it will be adventure.  She is super chill and sweet I love her! When we finally find another place to live president will put more sisters in this area so pray we can find a place to live that doesn’t cost a million dollars a month cause either there are no places to live or they cost too much, but that is just what comes with this sector. 

I am excited to work with both sides of El Golf now which is huge!  It has 7 metro stations and so walking here we come with micro and metro.  We have some promising investigators that we have found on the street and I am hoping we can visit them this week. I have high hopes for El Golf. I just love, love, love the ward and all the people in it.  They are so sweet and loving and I feel so lucky that i got to stay.  How sad it is going to be to leave these people.  I have a for sure 6 more weeks here to work hard and help the work progress.
This week we had some Elders and Sisters in our zone go home as their missions came to an end. Gosh that was so sad because who knows if I’ll ever see these wonderful people again. It breaks my heart. That is the sad thing about the mission because you meet so many amazing people but you have to leave them when it’s all said and done.  Thank goodness for the gospel and that I will see them again, if not in this life for sure in the next.  As my MTC teacher always said we will meet under the tree (1 nephi 8).
Love ya’ll with all of my heart! Work hard each day smile do your best and don’t worry if you aren’t perfect cause no one is!  Just make someone else smile and I think you have done a pretty good job. Love ya’ll and remember you are always in my prayers.

Hermana Jennings

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