Monday, June 3, 2013

Lots of Rain!!!!

1. It rained and rained.....AWESOME
So it really rains here like a lot! haha but I sent a fun picture of the lake I got to stand by, oh wait that was the Street! haaha It was super fun and my boots are legit mom no water and it rains a ton! We work hard whether it is rain or shine.  

2.  Jorge Came to Church
So this week we had 2 investigators come to church.  It was the first time I have had an investigator come to church my whole mission. Shoot I was so nervous like I was running all over the place.  Then he came and I was freaking out inside and praying that everything would go good and it went well.  The Ward was so great and they just took Jorge under their wing and made him feel right at home. He is really progressing.  We went to his house to watch the Joseph Smith movie with him.  We taught him the Word of wisdom like a month and a half ago and just recently this week were able to teach him lesson one and then when we went over for the movie. He told just he had stopped smoking and drinking tea and coffee for 3 days and that he was never going to drink them again or smoke.  We really didn’t do anything, he did it all himself.  It was so amazing. I am so excited for him it is so neat to teach him and he really values what we are teaching him and is excited! This gospel really does change people and I am so excited to be a part of this work I love being a missionary so much!

3. Soladad´s Angel
This week we went and visited a sister in our Ward who is inactive. We had a thought to share all planned but when we finished singing the hymn I just starting talking and it was not what I had planned, it was definitely one of those times when it was the Spirit talking. I really don’t remember what I even said but we really got down to what she needed that night and it helped her so much. She said that I was her Angel and that she knows that God has sent me into her life to help her. It was such a neat experience. She came to church the next day. I have a strong testimony that the spirit is the one that changes lives and tells us what to say and we are only the tools that God uses to bring about his work. So live worthy to feel the spirit and act on the promptings -  just open your mouth and the words will come.

4. Baptism after Church
After church this Sunday one of the little girls in our ward was getting baptized and we went to it and so did Jorge.  He said the experience was beautiful! (he is next!) I had the neatest experience when she got confirmed with the Holy Ghost I could feel the spirit so strongly.  It was like electricity surging through my body and I could literally feel the power of the Spirit. I know that the Holy Ghost is real and that it testifies to us of the things of God.

5. Ruben, the Lord truly does prepare people for the gospel
So the other day we got a reference and we contacted a man named Ruben.  When we started the lesson we were just talking about his general beliefs and what he has heard about the gospel. He told us he has read the whole Book of Mormon and is almost done with Doctrine and Covenants. We were like, that is awesome, he is really prepared and is looking for more in his life. I know that this gospel is the thing for him. It was amazing because I think we have come into his life at just the right moment. The thing I learned from this is: 1. Be patient and the Lord will bless you 2. the Lord has a time and plan for all of his children and that we much trust in God’s timing.

Well I love the mission so much and I pray for ya’ll every day! Smile and go make someone else smile!


Hermana Jennings

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