Monday, May 13, 2013


May 13, 2013

So first off it was so so so fun to talk to ya’ll last night! It was the high light of my week so here are some stories from this week. (we got to Skype Lauren for 3 hours on Mother's Day - it was great to see her and talk to her!)
1. ROBBERY!!! Scared for my life!
Saturday night my comp and I wanted to buy some fruit for breakfast the next morning and so we were close to a convenience store and we were like lets go check in there real quick. It was late and we were on our way home so we went in and find the fruit.  As I am looking at it I hear shooting and 3 men run into the store.  When it happened I really didn’t know what was going on because it happened so fast!  My comp grabbed me by the arm and we hid behind an isle and watched as the three men stole all the money in the store.  It was so scary - even the music playing in the store at the time was like the kind of music they play in the movies when there is a robbery scene. So ya we are huddled behind an aisle praying and shaking with another Chilean woman.  I was just a little scared they were going to hurt us.... but after they stole everything they left and after then we left too! We ran all the way home it was so crazy. It was even crazier because we live in a nice area and I so didn’t think a robbery would happen in this area, but it just goes to show that we really never know was is going to happen so just be prepared always. (P.S.:  Dad I did have my little pink Swiss army knife if they tried anything -  hahah lol hahah)
2. Street Contacting= Golden!
One day this week we were walking down the street and we stopped this lady and when we did I really didn’t think she would listen.  This was bad of me to prejudge but when we started talking to her she said she was on the way to church and that today randomly she decided to take another route to the church that she doesn’t take normally. We told her that is was because she needed to meet us and then we gave her a Book of Mormon and she started to cry.  She was so touched.  It was an amazing experience because usually people are angry or don’t want to listen or are nice.  They aren’t interested but she was truly touched that we gave her a Book of Mormon.  We are going to visit her today so I hope she has read some of it. Lesson learned don’t judge a book by its cover,  you really don’t know what people need or what they are going through by looking at them. Love everyone and help them through this journey called life.
so this is always by the entrance to the metro and we love to write stuff on it so we wrote nemo and cheese cake.I have no idea what they have to do with before we die but we sure love us some nemos and cheesecake hahaha!

3. Inactive Family
This story is a sad one but I am telling it because we could all learn from this story and become better because of it.  One day this week we visited a family in our ward that is inactive. The reason they are inactive is because no one in the ward will be friends with them and they feel that when they do come people say hi but they feel as if it is all fake. It was so sad to see the mother cry as she told about the hurt and the pain she felt and how her children don’t want to go to church and she is worried about her family because she knows the gospel is true but she doesn’t feel loved at church. It is so hard – and they are sealed in the temple too. This story broke my heart and we are trying to work with the members and set up family home evenings with this family so others can get to know them better and be fellowshipped. What I learned from this story was that I never want to be the reason anyone stops coming to church. it is our job to love everyone and to love them genuinely.  Going to church is not about who is liked.  The most it is about looking for that one person that needs lifting up that day and then act on it.  If everyone went to church and looked for one other person to help hug or share a laugh with someone who was down then church would become more and more like heaven and more and more people would want to come and stay. This Sunday go out and find someone at church who needs your love and friendship and don’t forget about them during the week and i know that it will change your life and the lives of the people around you.
4. Thina Came to church
This week we had Stake Conference and we brought an investigator to the Saturday adult session.  It was so neat because this was the first time I have brought someone to church and she loved it and the people. It was so great and the messages were really uplifting.  The bummer thing is that Thina doesn’t live in our area she only works here so we can set a baptism date or anything.  We just teach but she is so sweet!!!!
5. Splits with Hermana Godfrey
So first off we are both gringos and we have the same amount of time in our missions and this was the first time I have done splits where I stay in our sector and someone comes with me. It was quite an adventure because there was no one who spoke fluent Spanish with us, but we were able to do everything and I understood everyone.  It was so neat and we didn’t get lost -  so it was pretty good! She is so great and it was so fun to be with her for a day and speak English all day too!  It’s a nice break, but I love learning Spanish. So now I know that I could make it one my own if I have too cause transfers are this Saturday and I am thinking Pres is going to take my trainer and put her with one of the other leaders cause they are supposed to be comps.  I have no idea what he will do with me.  I will keep all updated!
Well the mission is the best ever! Remember that we are all missionaries and give references to the missionaries when they come to your house! Don’t make them eat all the food either haha love ya’ll so much have a great day and remember to make your own sunshine (shout out to my sister Autumn)!!!!
Hermana Jennings

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