Monday, April 7, 2014

Ever Learning

April 7, 2014

So this week we had zone class and I thought I would share with yall what I learned.

1) There are many spiritual gifts. One that would help you develop all the rest is the gift "To forget oneself." Christ is the perfect example of this gift put into action

2) The atonement did not begin in Gethsemane. It began when Christ was selected or volunteered to be our Savior. It is not one event. He has been carrying our sins since the time of Adam until now and he will continue to carry them till all sin has been resolved.

3) ‘So this thought came to me during zone class ¨Sure what you did or have done on your mission was great, you changed for the better and you helped others to do the same, come unto Christ. But all of this is in vain if you stop progressing after the mission."  If you can continue to progress and grow after your mission then your mission was the sturdy foundation for the rest of your life -  if not go do something to change that TODAY.

‘Just go read Isaiah 53 and think about what Christ did for you.

4) ‘Where are you going spiritually?- Read Moses 4:15: "and the Lord called unto (Lauren)and said unto (her) where goest thou?. This was so neat because God knew where Adam was going but it was a question to help Adam to evaluate his life just like we can if we place our name in the place of Adams name like I did.  We can answer that question and we can also ask ourselves, What is holding me back?

5) ‘Farmers have to get up at 3:30 am to feed the animals. This hour is crucial, if they don’t get up and feed the animals then the animals will not have the strength to work the rest of the day. They may not love getting up at 3:30 am to go outside and feed a bunch of smelly animals but they know what their sacrifice will bring and what blessings they will receive from their sacrifice. We can apply this to our lives. We also have 3:30 am moments, they are trying but they make all the difference and what we do in those times determines our later down the road results. What are your 3:30 am moments? What are you doing during this time? work now. The work you don’t do now when you should, will be paid for in the future in regret.

So this week was Conference! Yay! It was so great! My favorite talks were Robert D Hales, Russell M Nelson, Uchtdorfs, Bednars, Thomas S. Monson, and Michel John U Ten.

Some notes of mine:I loved how the speaker that was talking about Jose Smith and said in his haste to know he was not hasty. That got me thinking about something I learned earlier on the mission how Christ was not running around all day as fast as he could checking things off of his check list. His work was urgent but he took time for the one and he love all that crossed his path. We too must be in haste or attend the things that are urgent but we must not be hasty because hasty makes me think of sloppy work and we didn’t come here to this earth to have a sloppy mortal existence.

I also loved the Family Ordinance chart Idea. Im thinking FHE idea and some sweet Sunday activities would be working on Family history work.

I loved the quote from ( don’t know who said it) that said People can do amazing things when they feel trusted. And Are you tied back to God? I love a good question that can help us evaluate our lives and improve.

I also loved the sister that talked about how daily scripture study and prayer were more important than anything else. I am thankful for your effort to do this every day mom and dad I know we kids didn’t make it easy but I knew just how important the gospel was and is to you two. I now look back and am thankful for the times we would head out somewhere in the car and yall would share your testimonies with us in the car, cause we couldn’t go anywhere, and all the times we listened to the scriptures during breakfast, family time, and more. Thanks for every effort because it has helped me become who I am today and I sure think yall are great love you mom and dad!

Well this week was great. Well for some country happenings down here in pirque. This morning I found half of a chicken breast that had been left out on the counter so I was like guess ill go lay it out in front of our gate because all sorts of stray hungry dogs are out there but ya wasn’t expecting what happened next. Our neighbors chickens sneaked in our front yard again, still cracks me up, and after I put the chicken breast on the ground… yes the chickens were going at it… ew right they were eating like their aunt= or something… not right.. but ya #onlyinpirque

I did get to hold a duck this week that was a first I'll be sending pictures of that.

EARTHQUAKE yes so we had an earthquake nothing crazy but the house was moving it was the weirdest thing it was a small one but super awesome but ya nothing like the one that happened up North those poor people pray for them. But ya sweet experience.

love ya'll!

Hermana Jennings

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