Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm 21!!!!

April 28, 2014

So Tuesday was my birthday and it was great! The best part was that Andres and Paola are going to get married June 2! Yay! I am so happy! Andres has changed so much. It is was so neat to hear him say he wants to continue to change and that he just wants to do what is right. We have seen miracles with this family. Also during the day Hermana Leishman, Hermana Diaz, Hermana Torres, Hermana Porras, Maria Alicia, and Jorge called me to wish me happy birthday. Maria Alicia is from El Golf, she is like family can’t wait for ya’ll to meet her but it just made my day to talk to all these people that are such dear friends. Oh and Hermana Barrales brought me a cake too it was so great cause I didn’t have one but she brought it by at night and I wanted to cry was so happy. Tender mercy of the Lord. All and all it was a great birthday. WHoo hoo this girl is 21. Where does the time go haha

OH and we also came home to all of our trash spread out all over the front yard of our little house… some mischievous tiny dog slipped through the fence and went to town on our trash…. Yep brought back bad memories of when we lived on Angela Drive and that black dog always knocked over our trashcans and we had to clean up the trash….dad you remember that_ but ya life is good and Christ is our Savior!

So this week we have really been working with the youth in our ward. We went out with Cata Wednesday and it was a miracle because she comes to church sometimes but everyone is like she is pesada and we were like no she is great and she loved it and shared her testimony and helped us teach and Friday we worked all day with Ephraim and it was so great because he is working on his mission papers and it was good for him to come out with us. We are trying to save a youth as elder Evans said. We are here to build the kingdom where we are that means do all we can help with service save youth, baptize, and love those that need it. I love the mission but I also what to continue to do all I can and do my part to build the kingdom were I am.

So Sunday was my comps birthday! We ate so much cake this week! But it was great  I have a ton of photos to send yall and in church on Sunday Pres Molina announced our birthdays over the pulpit it was cute hahah but ya

This Saturday we had a family home evening with the branch it was so fun we had a lesson then we played who wants to be a millionaire and it was so fun and we laughed so hard and then there was karaoke it was neat to see lots of people from the branch united we are becoming more united little by little and these FHEs (family home evenings) are going to help so much! It was funny because during the lesson part my comp and I were sitting on the ground and little by little all the little children that we there were surrounding us it was so cute. Dad you are right kids just like me hahah and I like them. We should be more like children, love everyone and find joy out of the little things. It was so cute there is an investigator and he brought his 6 year old son and during the FHE he was my little buddy and on Sunday his mom wouldn’t let him go to church with his dad and he told his dad I have to go because if I don’t they will miss me. Awww right. He is so cute and we did miss him Sunday.
So since I’m getting so old, 21 years!, I have started exercising again…. Yep I’ve been bad at that but my comp and I are going a 20 day workout challenge and I like it!

I really love the new sister Hermana Chavez we all get along great.

Well this week was so great. Learning a lot and loving it here in Pirque like this Sunday I got to lead in sacrament and I was looking at all the people in the audience and I was just like I love all of these people they really are like my family and I feel at home here it’s going to be hard to leave. This is so great.

Hermana Jennings

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