Monday, February 3, 2014

Painting and a New Fridge

January 27, 2014

Painting Daniella's house for service

So last Saturday we got the opportunity to paint Daniellas house thanks to grandpa and grandmas Christmas present.  She really loves it!  We still have to finish but she is way happy. It was fun to do service for someone else instead of buying random stuff I’ll probably never use, but ya she is so great.
Giving Guido a fridge cause he didn’t have one.

So we live in this neighborhood thing and the missionaries moved from one house to the house next door before I came.  For a while we had like 2 houses and in one. In one of the houses there was a fridge that no one was using.  The other sisters had an investigator that is our neighbor who would keep his water in our fridge because he didn’t have a fridge at his house.  I called Elder Fisher and asked him if he had an extra fridge and he said yes!   So he came and dropped it off (what a good guy -  the Fishers are my favorites ever!)  We got to take it over to him.  It was so touching to see how thankful he was. He almost started crying. It was one of those times that you just feel real warm and fuzzy inside and helps you remember where we find joy and that is in serving others.  When we are serving others we are in the service of our God. So here’s a challenge:  Go out and serve someone this week because it will make you happier!

I was sick with some stomach virus - not fun - and then all my comps got it L

Hermana Jennings

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