Monday, February 10, 2014

Obedience is Key

February 10, 2014

So this week was a good one! 

We started off the week with zone class!!! whoohoo and here is the stuff that I learned. When we feel down we need to invite the spirit to remind us of the times we have had a change of heart and sung the song of redeeming love (alma 5:26) I thought this was neat because we have the gift of the Holy Ghost and we have the right to ask for help because we are Gods children and He wants to help us sometimes we just forget to ask.
  Don’t worry fam I was singing the Hill Cumorah pageant song in my head - wishing i was at pageant hahahahah that was so fun. The other thing I learned was this one sister talked about how Laman and Nephi had the same experiences, they had to leave everything in Jerusalem, they almost got killed by Laban, had to journey in the desert for a while, build a boat, and lots more stuff but the difference was that they choose to react differently. Nephi chose to be happy not complain and follow and trust in the Lord and Laman chose to be a whiny butt and missed out on some pretty neat blessings. So the question is for all of us: Who will we choose to be -  Lamon or Nephi? Also they made the announcement that we cannot use backpacks anymore....ya at first I was ticked!  Going to be straight up honest cause let’s just say I be living in the middle of nowhere walking 10 miles every day in the hot sun and bye bye camel pack!!! I was like what!   Then I realized that the whole week before I had been praying to be more obedient like exactly obedient and lo and behold the Lord sent me something so I could practice being obedient.  So I am now sporting the owl purse aunt Betsy sent me for Christmas
(you were inspired aunt Betsy and I love it and I get compliments on it everyday thanks so much - love you) So I now get to be obedient. It’s so true that if we want to be better and we pray for an attribute of Christ, the Lord will just send us a test so that we can apply the attribute we are trying to develop.  To end with zone class we got to do a skit.... my comp and I and I have to say it was quite funny but it was a good experience.

Tuesday I got to go on divisions with Hermana Paddock and she is so great I learned so much from her and we learned together. We had this really neat lesson with a lady named Carmen and it was crazy cause thoughts just popped into my head and as I shared them we were able to help Carmen in her needs it was a neat experience. I guess it was just one of those experiences where you had to be there to know but we did see a guy with dreads down to his calves....say what????

We finally might have a ward mission plan! whoohoo We went over one this Sunday and I hope that this time it goes over smoother with the leaders because now the ward mission leader is on board.   This week I want to share a neat experience my comp and I had. This week we had a FHE at a house of a family in our branch.
We did this neat FHE where we shared a message focusing on missionary work and in D&C 4:3 it talks about if you have a desire to serve you are called to the work.  We then talked about the importance of missionary work as members and then we whipped out 2 Books of Mormon and we asked them to mark their favorite scriptures and we did the same and then we went out on splits half the family with Hermana Huber and the other half with me. We went out and contacted their neighbors and gave them the Book of Mormon. It was a neat experience because; 1) -  it got the members involved and 2) we got some sweet references and it was a testimony strengthener for this family. We are going to be doing this more in the future because it really helps the members and us.

So guess who sang in church again... this girl with her comp and Hermana Lopez yep dad your dream is coming true - Autumn playing her viola & me and my singing bahahah It’s so funny because I now have sang at a baptism and in church but I so don’t sing.  I just happen to be comps with a comp that sings like an angel so with her voice and mine it sounds good haha I guess.  Ya it’s fun.  I think this will be the ONLY time someone will ask me to participate in a musical number in church hahahha. 

Something I learned this week too about repentance just a short phrase:   “The true test of your repentance comes when the temptation of the same sin returns”  so true so true.

All and all we are doing good.  Hermana Huber got her stitches out today and I got my scripture covers finally.  So life is good. 

Hermana Jennings

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