Monday, February 3, 2014

Trauma with Hermana Huber

February 3, 2014

So this week was CRAZY!   Like crazy OK so here is what went down.

Monday- we are still in a trio because Hermana Sommerfeld got sent home because she was so sick and we are just loving life nothing too crazy happens.

Tuesday- we wake up start with the daily morning line up... ring ring.... President... Hermana Portillo answers the phone... no more trio for us... we take off on the hour and a half trip to the offices (used to live like 15 minutes away) and go pick up Hermana Portillo’s new comp that she will be training. (poor thing found out the day of because Hermana Zamora is waiting for her  visa to go to Columbia)   Ya it’s always fun taking a trip up to the office cause we get to see the Fishers haha Elder Fisher let us go shopping in the storage rooms under the church! Score! My comp found a nice winter coat and I found a new Joseph Smith restoration movie (badly needed) and a new box of Kleenexes haha  We got to get our mail earlier! Autumn I got your Tangled book por fin!!!!   I love it so much. Don’t worry everyone in the office got to read it and they all loved it!  It makes me smile shoot you are a pretty sweet book maker.  It was a lovely addition to my collection, Nemo and tangled! BEST DAY EVER!!! (Autumn made a Disney Tangled book – mission style for Lauren for Christmas) Ya after we rounded up our things we headed back with 4 instead of three.

Wednesday- we get a new District! yay! Ours is awesome and guess who is in my district yes Elder Huber haha small world mom huh (Elder Huber’s sister served in Fayetteville) and so we are now the Huber family cause my comp is Hermana Huber.   It’s funny but ya we had a great class and we are all praying for each other’s investigators which is neat cause I have some great news....

VICTOR CAME TO CHURCH. Victor has been investigating the church for 20 years and recently he just got married and we have a baptismal date and he is working towards it. He is such a humble reserved shy man who has such a desire to do what is right. Something that has been holding him back is that he is really timid or shy or nervous to come to church. We have been working with him for a while and this Sunday as I was playing the opening hymn (ya I’ll explain why I was playing the piano....)  I looked up and he was there sitting next to my comp! I almost stopped playing I was so happy and shocked.

So before I  go on I have to tell the story of what went down Saturday.... I swear this place has like a weird curse or something but sure do love it here.

Saturday:  We are walking to Daniella’s house to finish the paint job - right and then this dog starts chasing us and Hermana Huber has this great idea to climb a fence which would have been a good idea.  She almost made it over and her hand got caught and it got ripped open! Like the length of my pinky ripped open!  She hates blood and so here we are freaking out - the dog left....  she climbed the fence for nothing!   I am on one side and she is on the other bleeding  and screaming, “ I’m going into shock” So not a good idea right?  So I go nurse mode (or at least my voice changes cause as i was like ok dear just calm down I’m coming... she is screaming,  “I hate your nurse voice”... so funny) but ya I found a break in the fence and went in and got her (I didn’t think jumping the fence was such a good idea haha) So since we live in the middle of nowhere we were out in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere!  I am like ok what now and how in the heck are we going to get to the clinic?  Yep luckily this nice old man drove up in his car and we flagged him down and asked if he could take us to the clinic.  Luckily he was nice and had a roll of toilet paper in the car and we wrapped up Hermana Huber’s hand and jumped in.  So meanwhile I am talking to Hermana Huber trying to calm her down, I was asking her about her sister megumi and stuff.  She is freaking out and then I’m like ok let’s sing (she loves singing it helps her).  So I was like I’ll sing and then she yells - You can’t sing  ... so funny cause its true but ya we I managed to calm her down and we made it to the country clinic emergency room thing.  They started stitching her up and I just happened to have my iPod on me cause I was bringing it to go paint and so we put on some EFY music.  I am holding her down so they can stitch her up and she is belting some sweet EFY tunes.... it was quite a sight. 
So they are stitching her up right and they get 4 in and want to call it quits and I was like to the doctor, “ um there is a gaping hole there so she throws another one in.... and when she leaves I asked the nurse to clean it up better and found another gaping hole.  So I asked again can you put a stitch there too so she did. (I’m thinking where’s my mom when you need her hahha ) but ya  6 stitches later she is all wrapped up and we walk out of the clinic.  The cool thing was it was all free,  still not sure why but we were pretty pumped about that.  So we go home for the rest of the day and it’s like 9 and we are watching a church movie right eating watermelon like happy campers (well Hermana Huber was in a ton of pain) and she cracked a joke and I started laughing but then I started throwing up like on my sleeping bag and our front rug and  the bathroom.... it was a rough day for the huber-jennings companionship.  The irony of it all was so funny so we just laughed and laughed about how crazy our day had been and went to sleep.  Sunday morning was crazy because Hermana Huber is a gimp.  I washed her hair, did her makeup and lots of other stuff cause she only has one hand and so we are running into church late and I am like dang it I have to play the piano cause my comp (a super musical person) has 1 hand.  So I run up without practice struggle through some verses till I get warmed up and then I see Victor came to church and almost stopped playing. I was so shocked but kept on playing along and made it through sacrament meeting.  It was quite an adventure.  Y

es that is what went down this week - never a dull week in Pirque that’s for sure.  Love ya’ll so much! Know that I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that through Him all things are possible and that we must trust in Him and do Gods will. 

Love ya’ll

Hermana Jennings

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