Monday, January 20, 2014

One Year Mark!

January 20, 2014

Dear Family, 

This Week’s Happenings! 

So this week was good, but a little rough - but hey look who is still standing hahah but ya here are some highlights -

I hit my year mark this week and of course I have to be a traditional missionary and I burnt a skirt cause you just do that when you reach your year mark.  It was quite an adventure and what better place to burn stuff than Pirque in the middle of nowhere!  I enclosed a sweet video for ya’ll don’t worry nothing caught on fire but made for some good fun!  We needed some cheering up cause one of the other missionaries that lives with us went to the hospital for a week and now has to go back home so Hermana Huber and I are living alone.  It is weird and I love her to death. It was sad not to come home to someone but something neat we get to have one of the sisters in our ward be the comp of Hermana Portillo and she is 20 and is way awesome.  It’s fun to have her be a missionary with us for the week but we sure miss Hermana Sommer. 

We are starting to work well with the ward leaders so that is fun, but we still could see some more progress.  That’s like cool motivation to get up every morning to try to do a little bit better, right?

So funny story - sometimes things so don’t go as planned. This week we were going to visit a sister in our ward who is less active and to get to her house you have to walk about a mile and half in a road that pretty much is a river so we hauled our rain boots there so we would not get wet.  Of course that day was the only day that there was not any water!  haha Yes sometimes you carry heavy rain boots in really hot weather and then get attacked by mosquitos haha! It’s always an adventure here in Pirque, but ya I love my country experiences. 

This week we got to visit a ton of great people.  There is this family of Renato, Andres and Paula that I just love. They are like family and we can just show up any time.  They want to progress in the gospel so pray for them that they can come to church and get ready to be baptized.  I sure love the people here; they have so little but they have the biggest hearts and have taught me so much about life and love and about enduring to the end and about doing what’s right even when others are so in the wrong. 

Something that I have learned is that we need to remember that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have.  You know cause so many people get offended and freak out because something happened.  We need to stop and calm down and forgive.  Forgiving can be a really hard thing to do but also we need to stand up for what is right, even when we might lose a lot for doing it so. Stand for right and emulate our Savior and have mercy on those around you. Well sure do love you guys have a great week and remember that I love ya’ll and ya’ll are in my prayers

Hermana Jennings

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