Monday, January 13, 2014

Stomach Ache and Relying on the Lord

January 13, 2014

Dear Family, 

So this week was an adventure with tons of highs and lows, but it’s all good we got a new start coming our way. So something I learned this week. 

This week my stomach has hurt every night for 4 days which was been interesting but I’m doing great don’t worry.  The first night it was really bad I could barely walk. This is what went down.

We were at a lesson and in the lesson I felt it start to hurt and by the time we ended I was in immense pain and we had to walk 2 miles to get to the bus stop. It was the longest walk of my life but my comp was right beside me and she had linked arms with me and was my strength to go on. The pain would come so hard sometimes my knees would buckle out from under me but my comp caught me and helped me go forward cause there was no choice to stop and rest I had to go forward.

Later that night I sat in my bed writing in my journal and started thinking a ton about the Atonement.   This is what i learned: Our journey through life is a long one at times (we have to walk 2 miles in the dark with shooting pain) and we have trials that seem too hard to bear and that is when the Atonement comes in. I guess I always thought the Atonement takes all the pain away but I think it actually gives us the strength to keep pushing through and Christ is there with us the whole way (just like my comp was there when I literally couldn’t go on by myself she caught me and pulled me forward) that is like Christ. We get these trials and we must go forward but we aren’t alone because I know that through the Atonement we can feel the love of Christ helping us go on either through others or a feeling but we know He is there just like i knew my comp was there to catch me if I fell. Sometimes we fall and we can’t do it by ourselves and we have to rely on the Lord. Just like when my knees buckled my comp steadied me and literally carried/dragged me till I could walk again.

I think sometimes we try to do things by ourselves and if we do that we will fall but if we lean on the Jesus during our trials through reading our scriptures, fervent prayer and going to church we allow Him to catch us and He can carry us through our trials.  The pain might not leave for a while but we will receive comfort and we will learn the lesson that is there for us to learn. I know that everything that happens to us is to make us stronger and to learn and grow. I know that if we turn to the Savior during these times we will make it and the trial will be for our good, but I also know that if we let them the trials can break us.  So my plead with all of ya’ll is to turn to the Savior. Maybe the pain won’t be gone with a snap of a finger it may take a long time but the tender mercies of the Lord will be found and you will receive the strength to go on - to put one foot in front of the other and Christ will lead you through the storm.

I testify that our Savior lives and that we are here on this earth to change and to become more like Christ and develop his attributes. I love being a missionary it’s the hardest thing I have ever done and I have felt Christ carrying me a lot but I have learned so much and have changed. I definitely feel like a different person and I will thank the Lord every day for this experience that I had to serve a mission. There is always something to learn and there is always our Savior to help us through it all.  That my friends is what I learned this week. 

Some  Funny Stories

1.      During sacrament meeting Sebastian,  the son of Nicole, (a less active that came to church for the first time this Sunday!!! love her so much) was hungry and i was giving him some crackers I had in my backpack. After church I was sitting with his family when little 3 year old Sebastian walks up to us and is holding my tampon.... i guess in its colorful bright orange wrapping it looked like candy.... ya I was  - no that is so not candy - and grabbed it and put it back in my backpack hahah So embarrassing!  Ya got to love kids they do the funniest things. 

2.      Sometimes when I talk in front of  people I get nervous and mix up words.... like I did in zone class this Tuesday.   We were talking about some ideas we could do to help more people come unto Christ. I meant to say we should be more bold and let people know why we are here – it is to prepare them for baptism right... but instead I said we should have more barbeques  - yes  so I said in front of the whole zone to get more baptisms we need to have more barbeques haha  Ya, but that might actually work!  .. Gotta love embarrassing moments they are the bes.t   Hope ya’ll got a smile from these haha
Crazy stuff - One of the sisters I live with went to the hospital last night and stayed the night and will be there for tonight too! The poor thing had an asthma attack so it’s been hectic around here. 

Pierre got baptized after a ton of bumps in the road but we figured it out with the help of the Lord and President Wright. 

Well love ya’ll have a great week and keep on working hard at whatever you do!!!

Love ya,

Hermana Jennings

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