Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Plan of Salvation

May 10, 2013

SO this week was so amazing! I have learned a lot about life about the gospel and about people on my mission and I would like to share what I have learned. 

1. It is all about how you view things and looking for the diamond in the rough

If you would have asked me about my sector El Golf like 2 months ago I would have said it was great halfheartedly, but in reality I didn’t have much hope for this area.  There had not been any progress for years.   There was one baptism, but she basically got baptized into inactivity.  We have worked and walked and worked and walked some more and nothing. Well this week can I say that we have 2 solid investigators and one of them has a date for baptism. I don’t know if I would have believed this a couple months ago. So anyone out there who is in a time in their life that is hard or that looks like there is no silver lining just hold on there, because there is always a diamond in the rough. Things will get better or you will become better and stronger. Look past your circumstances and focus on the one, focus on what you are doing every moment of everyday and look for opportunities to help others feel important and to love everyone you meet. Live the gospel in the hard times and the good times and remember the Lord in all your blessings. I have a testimony that the Lord places us in certain places for a reason -  there is a person we need to help or something we  need to learn. Sometimes I wonder why bad things happen in this life and then later that day I get to teach someone about the Plan of Salvation http://www.lds.org/topics/plan-of-salvation and I am reminded of the great mercy of our Lord and his perfect plan for his children that he loves dearly. If anyone out there is having a hard time or a big change has come into your life -  one that is a hard change then study the Plan of Salvation this week and I promise that you will feel Gods love for you and you will feel that where ever  you are whatever you are going through has a purpose to help shape you into the person God wants you to be. 

2. The impossible is not impossible with the Lord on your side

So this week I got a phone call from Elder Fisher, the mission Elder who is over all the finances, and he told me that we were paying too much for our apartment and asked if we could find a new one,  in one month that was around $600 a month and had 3 or 2 bedrooms in the nicest part of Chile. I am thinking shoot all the ones we have been looking at are around $1200 a month and everyone laughs or gives us looks of unbelief when we say we are looking for an apartment for around $600 a month in this area. Then I remembered whose name is on my name tag and thought you know what if you pray and I pray then I know the Lord will provide.  So we have started the housing hunt so if ya’ll would pray that we can find a house that would be great cause if we don’t I get to experience what it is like to be homeless ( ok I doubt they would actually kick us out on the street, but it would be an experience to say the least).  I know that if it is the Lords will then we will find a place to live. I think that is some of the most important things to consider and remember when we pray is to ask for the Lords will. sometimes we want something so bad that we ignore or don’t even considered the Lords will and when this happens we miss out on blessings and sometimes great sorrow follows, but always remember that the Lords hand is stretched out still.  He is always waiting for you and for me to turn to him grab his hand and accept his will and then we will live the life that God wants us to live. 
3. I love the people here so much
I really have come to love my ward here and my investigators and it makes me so sad that I will have to leave them someday and I will probably never see them again, but as my parents always say somethings have to end.  I think friendships never have to end because one day we will all meet again in heaven but all in all goodbyes are always hard.  Remember that meeting a new friend and touching their life is amazing and that the Lord sends us where he needs us in the moment he needs us. 

4. Visa run

This week we got to go to Plaza De Armas and do the very long process of getting my Visa it was fun cause this part of Santiago has old buildings and reminds me a little of Italy and I loved every minute of it. One of the problems with my visa run was that there were Elders that spoke English and I talked to them in English all morning and then with a Realtor about an apartment that afternoon and when it was time to speak Spanish again it was rough.  Like it was so sad one of my investigators said I sounded gringo.  That night and I was so sad,  I learned a lesson that I was called to speak Spanish not English and that I need to always speak Spanish  It is important that I speak Spanish because the people I teach speak Spanish and in need to speak well so that they can understand me and feel the spirit and learn about the gospel.  That is my purpose and it feels terrible when you can’t communicate well. So all in all we all make mistakes but let’s learn to learn from them and better ourselves. 

5. Piano

This week my comp and I have been practicing piano before district class and before church and it is so fun I love it so much.  I could kick myself for not taking it more seriously when I was younger, but i don’t think my time for piano is over.  I know that it will be harder to learn now but I have a goal to learn to play the hymns so that I can serve in the church for those who need a piano player.  I still have a long ways to go but I can now play 4 hymns haha oh ya... ok we all have to start somewhere right?  haha  I’m writing this to ya’ll so ya’ll can keep me accountable for this new goal!  it won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

Well I love the mission so much and I love teaching our investigators and we had 2 come to church this week again and it was amazing and they loved it. I know that the Lord has prepared these people and it is just a testimony to me that the Lord loves and watches over all of his children. Love ya’ll and have a great week

Hermana Jennings

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