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Companion Study with President

April 1, 2013

This week was a little bit harder than the rest but I’ll start out with some stories first.

P-Day activity.  Sorry I send so many pictures. I figured if ya'll were gone I would want to see lots of pictures so I look for every opportunity to take them so ya'll can see what its like. Sorry if they look like a vacation - it is so not!  It's actually very hard,but there are so many fun parts too and that's what I like to share.

   Companion Study with President

This week my companion was in the shower and the phone started to ring I kind of panic in these situations because I have a hard time understanding people in Spanish on the phone . . . so I looked at the caller ID and saw it was President Wright.  I calmed down and was like he speaks English, and then freaked out again because it was President. I answered the phone and he asked if he could come to our companion study that morning with his wife. Of course I said yes. He then closed by thanking me for inviting him and his wife to come... real funny pres... haha After my comp got out of the shower and we started cleaning up everything and it was in perfect shape when the president came and his wife. They are so great and they truly are called of God and live their lives to have the spirit with them at all times. It was so fun having them there and hearing their insights from their personal study. We practiced teaching during our companion study and it was scary but my comp demonstrated first and then it was my turn to practice in front of the mission president.  It went well and the mission president’s wife gave me some feedback and so I practiced again. I learned a lot from this and it was great at the end when our mission president gave us some feedback. He said that he loved how he could tell I was on a mission because I loved the Lord and how I was not offended and was humble when I was critiqued and given suggestions.  When I taught I told him I don’t believe in getting offended.  He also said my Spanish was coming along great! (I still think it’s terrible, and I don’t believe people when they say it’s really good for this early  - so don’t go thinking I am fluent right now hahah ) but ya it was a neat experience.

     A Giant Tree Full of Louie’s
     (this story is dedicated to you Autumn)

      We have a little blue parakeet named Louie and he is just so cute.  So one day this week we were walking to a lesson and we heard this really loud noise, it was like a million Louie’s chirping at once. It sounded like crazy loud! I looked up and it was coming from this massive cone shaped tree like it looks like a tree out of Dr. Seuss!  We kept walking to teach our investigator, but he wasn’t home. (that happened to us a lot this week they set a time and they are sick or just straight up not home) I was like let’s go investigate this tree and sure enough it was full with like so many Louie’s.  Autumn you would have loved it, and Louie would have died and gone to heaven!  I am so sending pictures of it so ya’ll can see it.  It was crazy just having parakeets out in the wild, like it was no big deal!

A Big nest for the Parakeets!
Be Careful What Members you Take to a Lesson

Funny story, but really not funny at all . . . We have an investigator named Cecilia and she is the saddest lady I have ever met.  She is really down and I believe the gospel will help her find the happiness she needs. We went to teach her the first lesson and we brought Yolanda.... so we all sat down and then my companion needed to go to the bathroom and I was left alone with Cecilia, who I barely understand because she doesn’t pronounce words very well, because she talks all depressed like, and Yolanda. So of course she had to ask if our church was a cult while my companion was in the bathroom. I could have helped answer her question but problem was I didn’t know that the word “sexta” means cult, so I was like I have no idea what her question was, and that left Yolanda to answer. Let’s just say that her answer did more harm than good.  It was hard to regain control after that. Next time we won’t bring Yolanda and pray that Cecilia wasn’t offended.  I think it ended well because she started to smile towards the end and even more after the closing prayer. So lesson learned have your investigators gain confidence in you before you bring new people to discussions.
When we don't have almuerzo we get to make our own food so we made pizza it was so good

Making Pizza's

   Holidays = Ghost Town here

This weekend was Easter which was great to have that extra reminder of Christ’s sacrifice for us and that we can do nothing without him. The thing that was hard was that Friday, Saturday and Sunday were holidays and literally everyone leaves Santiago and goes to the beach. Like it feels like a straight up ghost town.... and it’s really hard cause all of our lessons that we had scheduled were out of town... I am really looking forward to this week and I pray everyone is in town and we can continue to progress with our investigators.
Meet the lovely river in santiago...yum...

the really weird statue thing


    Newbies in a New sector

This week I found out that our sector was closed before my companion came which was only 2 months before me and that explains a lot!  We are making some headway and lots of inactive members are starting to come back to church and the members are becoming more and more involved as the weeks go on. It is definitely a harder area since we are in the rich part of town and we are in the progress of reactivating a sector.  It’s exciting because my mission president said there are no such things as dead sectors only dead missionaries.  So I am trying my best to not be a dead missionary. We have lots of investigators but it is hard to get them to come to church and make commitments.  I can feel this week is going to be a good one and they we will see some progress.  This work is real and is God’s work and I know that it takes time and lots of work and faith and prayer, but I love he people here so very much.


Our investigators are Cecilia, Jorge, Pablo and Paulina.  Jorge’s family are members and they live in Utah.  He has started to change his life and has started living the word of wisdom all ready and is interested to learn more about the gospel.  He was sick this week when we went to teach him.  He only wants us to come on Saturdays so let’s pray we can teach him Saturday.
Pablo is 13 and he is precious.  He has studied the gospel and ton and we just have to teach him the lessons and I think he will get baptized.  His mom is Paulina she is not as excited she is curious and thinks it is good but has some problems she is trying to work out, but with time I believe she will know that the gospel is what brings true happiness.  I already told ya’ll about Cecilia.

The weather here just started to get cold. I love it cause sweating isn’t that awesome and I even get to be my own sunshine because the sky is always gray, but it beats always being black.  Winter is coming in April...that’s a first for me.
ya i punched a car.... my atempt at a joke haha 

I Love this Family!

One neat experience that I’ve had is that I have been reading the Book of Mormon a chapter in English and then that same chapter in Spanish. It is so neat that even though I read the same chapter I learn something different each time I read it and my testimony is strengthened each time.  So if you are struggling reading the Book of Mormon it really makes all the difference to read it in two languages and puts your life in perspective.

Well I am working hard and I pray that soon we will have success.  Transfers are this week but I doubt I will get transferred cause I’m a newbie.  Life is good and I love ya’ll and all of y’all are in my prayers


Hermana Jennings

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