Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Teaching Discussions over Skype

April 15, 2013

1. My companion was called as one of the 6 sister training leaders in our mission!

So this means that we get to go on splits 2 times a week which is awesome! but super scary because eventually I will have to  be in my area alone with someone who doesn’t know the area and my area is huge!  I am still figuring out all the street.  Pray I get over being directionally challenged soon ahhhhh!!! I am so pumped to go spend days with other sisters and get to know them better, so fun!
2. Slipper story

So another embarrassing story... shouldn’t come as a huge surprise haha. It’s starting to get cold here; well at least in the mornings so I have been wearing my slippers.  They are the best by the way. After comp study I got ready and we left the apartment and got in the elevator and then I looked down and yipes, I was all ready for the day, but I had left the house in my slippers... yepp so funny. We sure got a laugh out of that one.  Unfortunately I had to go back up to our apartment and change hahaha!

3. Huge Sister meeting

This week we had a huge sister meeting and we have over 40 sisters in our mission, crazy huh? It is so awesome!!!! Like there are not enough people to train them so some Sisters are training 2 sisters at once.  Crazy stuff, but ya it was so fun to see the new sisters and remembering what it was like to be them and how  I really didn’t know Spanish and I didn’t understand everything. Oh cool thing, a sister came up to me and told me Sister Coburn says hi, she was in the same MTC zone with Madison Coburn and I was like so happy.  I hugged that Sister and almost wanted to cry of joy that someone had seen Madison so recently!!!! I sure love that girl!!!
Madison & Lauren. Both are serving missions now.

4. Teaching Jorge the Word of Wisdom

This week we finally came by Jorge’s house when he was home!!! We taught him about the Word of Wisdom because that is what his question was. He really wants to change and he has been through a lot in his life trying to find happiness through things like drugs and bad stuff and now he realized that he needs something else in his life. Now we just have to help him come to church!!! He really is a great guy so full of life and very funny ya’ll would love him, so pray that he comes to church!!!!

5. Teaching a lesson over Skype.

Technology is amazing and it is so neat how we can use technology to help spread the gospel. Yesterday we were at a less active member’s house when her sister called her over Skype.  Her sister is also a less active member lives in Argentina.    We then proceeded to teach both of the sisters, one in person and one on Skype (who lives in Argentina) along with her daughter who has been coming to church who is the bestest ever! It was so neat! I never thought I would ever teach someone in Argentina while I was in Chile.

The mission is so great.  It is such a humbling experience. I really have learned how inadequate I am and how much I need to lean on the Lord in everything I do.  I have also learned that when you love people everything is good even if it is hard and you really should be happy. But treating people like Christ would treat them really makes you happy.  I have set a goal to always think about what the Savior would say to the person I am talking to if He were here. This helps me be more in tune with the spirit and helps me focus on my purpose of serving a mission.  I love all of ya’ll so much

Hermana Jennings

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