Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Flaming Blow Dryer

April 8, 2014

So stories first:

1. A New Furry Friend
So on our way home today we saw a black lab-mut and she was just so cute. We named her Lillers haha!  She started to follow us all the way home for like 20 minutes. She was so cute! We took so many pictures with her.  It was so fun to have a friend walk us home in the dark. It broke my heart when we went into the gate of our apartment building and Lillers couldn’t come in.  She waited outside the gate till the elevator door closed.  It makes me so sad to think that she is out there all alone in the dark.
P.S.  Another not so friendly dog bit me today - it was a little devil of a thing, but it didn’t break the skin thank goodness!

2.  Flaming Blow Dryer
I bought a new blow dryer this week and it almost set our apartment on fire... ya not cool.... I turned it on and it made a high screeching noise and then the inside turned bright red!  It was about to be straight flames before I pulled the cord out of the wall.  Let’s just say I returned it.

3. Contacting Claudia
Today we were walking on our way to an appointment and we passed by a woman walking her dog and I felt like we should talk to her, but we didn’t. A few minutes later we walked by her again and this time I stopped and started talking to her. It turned out she had a lot of questions and that she was going through really hard time because the next day she was going to the doctor to see if she had cancer. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she would read it. You could tell that we made a difference in her day and gave her some peace in a time of trial in her life. I know it was the spirit that prompted me to talk to her because the Lord knew she needed a listening ear and some love today and we were happy to provide both. I know that God sends people in our lives when we need Him and it was neat to be one of those people who could help out another ones of Gods children.

The reason we are posing with a sink is cause we were doing dishes at the house of a member and the top part of the sink came lose and water was shooting straight up spraying everywhere! hahah it was so funny cause we were all screaming and trying to get the water to shut off .  It happened like three times  - so funny

4. Teaching Paulina and Pablo
This week we had our first lesson with an investigator that I believe really wants to know and has a desire to learn. It was neat how I still am terrible at Spanish but as I focused on them and on the doctrine the words just flowed and the spirit was so strong. Paulina is still a little hesitant but I know that if she reads the Book of Mormon and listens to the gospel she will know that this church is true.  Pablo is so excited about the gospel and he is only 13 and he wants to get baptized, but we don’t have a date yet. I am excited to teach them this week again!

5.  Zone Conference
We had a last zone conference meeting before transfers and we all brought desserts and I brought moms cheese cake, Oreo style and it was a hit.  Everyone was telling me when there birthday was, haha so funny. Mom your cheese cake will have impacted the world by the time my mission is over!
Last day with our Zone before transfers - We made a pyramid with skirts on!

This week has been a good one, but lots of appointments fell through. It’s just a lesson of patience. The amazing thing about this week was General Conference it was like Christmas!  I loved all the talks.  It is so neat how we can have questions and take them to conference with us and then we will receive answers. (click on the link to watch)  http://www.lds.org/prophets-and-apostles/unto-all-the-world/apostles-speak-april-2013?cid=HP000031&lang=eng 

Exciting news my companion is going to the on the new sister missionary council board and she will go on exchanges twice a week.  That should be fun as will get to be with other Sisters cause I don’t really know them very well. We are like the only ones that live alone. We are working hard and some other great news is that one of our investigators came to conference, Fredy.  It is crazy because we had moved him into the non-progressing pile because he never was home and always bailed when we set appointments.  I hope he is more willing to hear the message now and also Silvia, a less active member, came which is a huge step because 2 weeks ago she had told us she was going to go to another church.  Through love and prayers she is now more open than ever and I hope she continues to progress.  This church is true and I love being a missionary.  Keep the people of Santiago Chile in your prayers.


Hermana Jennings

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