Monday, March 25, 2013

Playing Soccer on P-Day

March 25, 2013

This week has been a good one.  We started off the week with a new missionary meeting and it was so amazing.  We talked about the Atonement and the Savior and I loved every bit of it.  I know with all my heart that Christ is my Savior and that He knows me personally and He knows how to comfort and help me in my personal trials and He does the same for you too. It was crazy in the meeting, President announced that by July we will have 50 new sisters in our mission and yep, that is more sisters than we have right now so some sisters are going to have to train 2 sisters and almost all sisters might have to be trainers.... I am kind of nervous but I doubt I would be made a trainer because I still need to learn Chilean Spanish.... they talk terrible! Like I understand all the other missionaries from other places, it’s too funny.

This is my Chilean sister that reminds me  so much of Autumn 
This week was such a great week we found 4 new people to teach finally. One of them is named Jorge and some of his family are members but he isn’t and neither are his kids or his girlfriend. He has been going through a tough time and his family told him he needs to look into the church so he did. He also has already started living the Word of wisdom and the only thing left he has to stop is smoking. He is very funny and has a desire to change. The next 2 are a 13 year old boy, who is the investigator, and he is just the cutest because he really wants to know and he really seeks for truth and he knows a lot about the gospel. His mom always listens to the lessons with us and she is interested but has some problems with tithing and Word of Wisdom, but only with time and the Lord we will see if she accepts the gospel. The last one is Cecilia she is so sweet but so sad.  I know that the gospel will help her find happiness in her life again. It  was the best being about to find people who want to be taught this week. It was the best to know that I get to help bring the best thing ever, the gospel, to people every week.

Guess who gave a talk this week in church?  Yes this girl did, haha!  I think it went well. Members said I did well and they were like, and “We understood everything you said,” well I hope so cause my companion translated the talk from English to Spanish for me!  Ya it was a neat experience because I was so nervous, but I made it through. Something so funny about church is that there is a sister who moved to Chile with her husband and son who is 3 and she doesn’t know any Spanish. The relief society president asked me to translate for her.... ya cause it’s hard to understand at church. I do better with one on one talking and it takes all my concentration. Let’s just say I am so not at the translated level yet.  So this is what we have to do to translate - so my companion sits next to me and listens and then says what she hears in Spanish to me, cause I always understand what she is saying, and then I translate that into English for Miranda.  I sure think it’s the funniest thing ever.

P-days (preparation days) are a normal day till 11am. Then we clean the apartment and we just have free time till 6 when we write home, I usually take a nap, write letters or do random stuff, we go shopping, laundry etc.  So P-day today was extra fun we had a barbeque with all the missionaries in my zone and we got to play soccer forever it was the best! It’s fun to be around the other missionaries and it was so fun playing soccer with the elders because they are almost all from Latin America and they are so good!

I have heard some horror stories about sisters gaining 40 pounds on their mission like I would die!  Pray that doesn't happen to me I so don’t want to get punished for going on a mission that is my one thing I don’t like about the mission they feed us so much food it hurts to eat! haha but we walk and walk every day, it’s so fun.  I try to find happiness in even the small little things, like the way birds walk its hilarious to watch their heads bob back and forth and it’s good to work hard every day it helps me sleep at night.

Oh so this week we were at one of the less active members and when she found out I was in nursing school and she asked me if I could give  a flu shot to here 6 year old daughter. Apparently it is cheaper to buy them here.... I guess I really didn't understand a ton except that she wants me to give it. I told her I could but I would have to ask first.  I just have to call the doctor here and ask.  I am going to ask this week and we will see, hopefully he says yes.  I love the mission it’s crazy to think I am living in Chile and speaking Spanish every day. The language is so hard, like sometimes I understand everything and can speak and others I don’t have a clue what is going on and I can’t express myself at all. It’s hard like some days Spanish is super annoying and others I love it!  haha I think my companion understands everything in English I say so that’s a blessing thank goodness I can understand everything she says in Spanish too so that is nice.  Sometimes I am like, this can be real, but it is and I am so blessed to be able to preach the gospel every day.

Love all of ya’ll so much

Hermana Jennings

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