Thursday, March 13, 2014

Attack of the Kitten

March 10, 2014

So this week some great things went down.  Thursday we went up to Puente Alto (the ghetto of Santiago)  Love it,  to teach Alex because he never is in his home in Pirque.   So we go visit him before meetings on Thursdays in the church. He really reminds me of Jorge so much. He really has had a past but he has such a desire to change and we are going to help him. After that we were walking to the church and this lady came up to us and was like Sisters! I have been waiting for you guys. She immediately started to cry. She then began to tell us her story of how she had been inactive for 4 years and how she is going through a hard time and she just left her house today and rode the metro till it stopped and got off and started praying to find the missionaries and the Lord lead us to her. We told her we were going to the church and that she should come with us.  It was a miracle because the church is only open Thursdays evenings for mutual and for scheduled meetings.  We went in and sat in the chapel and I talked to her and my comp, Hermana Huber, (a piano genius) played hymns on the piano. It was one of those neat times as a missionary that you really feel like the Saviors hands and that He has sent you to find one of his Lost sheep -  I felt like that today. As I sat with Gemma I listened to her and testified of the blessings of the gospel and how she needs to start doing the little things again. After that we called her husband to let him know where she was and that she would be coming home. She hadn’t eaten all day so we went and got some food and then walked her to the metro and she was on her way with a smile and more hope than when she arrived. This experience really just testified to me that God is aware of us, his children. He was aware of what Gemma was going through that day and he put us in her path to rescue her and to help her feel God’s love for her. I know that God will do that for you and me too because I have seen it over and over again in my life and in the lives of those around me. Remember that God loves you and will send you help with you most need it so trust in him.

This week has been full of experiences some (lindos) and some traumatic… so now it’s time to tell you my traumatic experiences of this week. First we go see an investigator and we walk in and give everyone hugs and the whole cheeks touch air kiss thing – right?   Our heads were pretty close. Then we sit down and long story short the mom starts picking out lice of her daughters hair - aka the person I just kissed yep I’m freaking out inside “man those things can jump…I better not have lice… “ yes so for like that day and 3 days after I was freaking out!  Don’t worry I don’t have lice, but it was a scare that’s for sure.

The most traumatic experience I saved for last. So one day this week we went over to a recent converts house and when we got there he wasn’t there but his 2 dogs and his 2 cats (like kittens) were there. Since he was not home we left and as we had made it a little farther down the road we realized the 2 cats were following us and then out of nowhere comes like 6 dogs and they start killing one of the cats while the other one runs into some bushes. It really looked like a great white shark attack on a poor innocent cute little seal. I was horrified!  We started to run towards the dogs and they left, but we could only find one kitty and she was covered in slobber and shaking on the ground. Who cares if I am allergic to cats, I picked up that poor baby all bruised and broken and cradled her in my arms. We started the walk back to the recent convert’s house to take back the cat where she could be safe, but as we were walking she started to convulsing and then she went still. It was horrible - she died in my arms and I started to cry.   It was the saddest thing ever!  She was just so innocent and those dogs killed her just to kill!  So sad.   As I laid her down on the grass as her final resting spot I realized that when she died she had pooped all over me, so then covered in tears and cat diarrhea I was determined to save-find the other cat.  We went back to the scene of the crime and I could hear her and so of course I hear the sound coming from a bunch of tree bush things but of course they are the thorn tree bush things so I dive in and I am getting all scratched.  Hey I did  find her in the tree after much effort in the dark we got her down and saved her just as the recent convert came home.    We told him what happened and he said that was the 3rd cat that week that the same dogs had killed. It was so sad. So I guess if we wanted to apply this sobering story to life don’t leave your safe haven - the gospel -  because Satan is out there waiting to make you his and as much as we think we can make it on our own we can’t.  Also we can be rescued but some wanderings are fatal so don’t risk it - hold fast to the iron rod and live.
Well this week was great as all the others and we had changes but I am still in Pirque and we are working hard. We were out tracking the other night and we found this guy who is inactive but he wants to come back to church. It was a miracle that we found him because we don’t know all of our sector and we probably could live here for 20 years and not know our whole sector because it’s almost bigger than the whole south mission.  God led us to Cristian and we are going to help him and his wife come back. We have been having so many meetings, sacrament meetings, stake meetings focusing on the rescue how we need to rescue those that have fallen away and that it’s our job as well. I am excited for another change with Hermana Huber. She is a dear friend and we have too much fun together being crazy and testifying. We don’t get to pick companions here in the mish but I sure got lucky with mine she is a great example and friend and we build each other and help each other to be better. But ya love ya’ll so much have a great week!

Hermana Jennings

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