Monday, March 17, 2014

And with Him all is Possible

March 17, 2014
So I got my birthday package haha super early sorry we opened it and enjoyed the goodies together.  It was way fun!   Thanks so much for sending the package. Dad I laughed so hard when I read your note that you had started eating the Girl Scout cookies before you knew that mom was going to send them to me. That little note was a tender mercy for me just cause. Sure do love you and mom I loved my card so much! How fun to remember all the birthdays I had! It was so cute mom as Hermana Portillo, one of the Hermanas that lives with me, was looking at the photos, she was like your mom is so cute and nice I can just feel that she is a really neat person. I was like she is. I thought that was cool that you are letting your light so shine even in photos mom. Thanks for you example for me. I want to grow up to be like you. Thanks again for thinking of me! Sure do love you guys.

So this Thursday, we went to the church to fix some stuff with the secretaries. And our chapel is the stake center.  We ran into this sister from another ward who was waiting there for an interview with the stake pres. She was having a hard time and it was so neat that we got to talk to her. I swear the Lord sends us people every Thursday to comfort and to love who are broken or disheartened.  We can be His hands and help them see that the only way is through God. Not blaming others, not through running away or getting angry but through humility and love and patience and faith we can overcome all.  The Lord will send us what we need when we need it. It was neat because this same day I had a rough go at it but earlier this month I had marked a bunch of scriptures to read when I have hard times and this time I opened my scriptures and read and I felt a peace and it was ok.  Before the mission I would have taken a long nap but that really doesn’t give you the peace you are looking for - there is nothing like turning to the Lord for the peace that we crave. I testify that He is there and that if we go to Him He will catch us with open arms. I know the scriptures are the word of God and that we must turn to them to find peace in this life.   It was neat because I shared this idea with her because it was something that really helped me so I shared this with her.  I am going to bring the list to her. I challenge you guys to find scriptures that bring you comfort or strength and mark them with sticky note things or those of you with cell phones all high techie you could make a list of them so when you are struggling in the storms of life you can turn to the Lord and you can be comforted and find real peace in only place real peace is found in God and in our Savior. I promise you that this can help you overcome anything that life throws at you. Remember God loves you.

And with Him all is possible.

So Friday we did some sweet service at Hermana  Molinas house. Can I just take a moment to say how amazing this Hermana is she does everything for everyone like she is the heart of Pirque I swear. So it was about time we did some serious service for her because she always turns us down when we try to do things for her so today we got to help her with her daughter’s wedding. We set the chairs up covered them with the white cute things and ties blue bows on them lots of bows, and then we set up the rest of the stuff and cleaned the whole house and set up decorations and poor thing was so stressed but it was so fun and really neat to help her and see her happy. It was fun then we walked and walked and contacted lots of references and came home so tired as a member in my old ward said on his mission “I have earned my bed today!”

Saturday, the next day we went over to the familia Picardos house to do some intense yard work. Yes it brought me fond memories of working out in the yard Saturday morning… ok not sure I really appreciated it then but now I am thankful mom and dad that you taught me to work so hauling rocks and weeds and stuff was nothing new. We were way tired after but we went off to work after but it was great. Just kept pushing through but Sunday was the best day ever…. Wait for it…drum roll…ANDRES AND PAOLA CAME TO CHURCH!!!! Yes miracles do happen and I almost cried and wanted to give Andres a hug but I couldn’t but it was so neat to see that they have been able to forgive and learn that church is to come and learn about God and that people make mistakes but that we are all just doing our best! It was so great and they are going to get married in June! I will so be here yay! It was so neat to see that even though we worked so hard this week not a lot was resulting but Sunday was a tender mercy of the Lord.

This Sunday one of the brethren spoke about what we say can affect others and gossip. Gossip, even if it is true, is poison it can ruin and un-unite a branch/ward faster than wildfire and it is something we each can be better at. Well I know I can be better at this by not talking gossip even if it is true and helping others not to also because it does not bring us together. And I found some scriptures about this that I liked and I invite ya’ll to read them and reflect how we all can be better about what we say. Santiago 3, Salmos 39:1, Mateo 12:36, Salmos 34:13, Proverbios 21:23, Santiago 1:26, Mornoi 7: 45’48. (I think Lauren slipped into Spanish land with these scriptures – now we can have fun figuring out which books these are?)
Well this week was really busy but we are down to start another one! And we climbed a really awesome hill thing today fun stuff

Love ya’ll

Hermana Jennings

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