Monday, November 11, 2013

Teaching a Blind Lady

November 11, 2013

So this week was full of random adventures and here are some stories for ya’ll

|1. We got Some Creepers

So the other day we were walking down the street saying hi to everyone like we always do and we said hi to this guy and his mom.  Then we continued walking about 20 more yards to the house we were going to.  As we stood out front and were calling them we saw these two guys come up.   Ok they looked exactly like the same as the bad guys from “3 Ninjas” who try to rob the house.  It’s just funny, but it turns out the guy and his mom were really a guy and his friend with long hair and they are in a band together, go figure .Ya so they start talking to us and then ask us out to dinner and I was like really firm with them and told them that we were missionaries.  Then I thought it was OK and that we should share a message with them as they are Sons of God too! So I shared a message with them and invited them to come to church and then we left.  We kind of forgot about them cause -  lets be real they so didn’t have the best intentions, but lo and behold guess who came to stake conference?  They did!  It was so funny! The best part was that they came an hour early cause I might have got the times mixed up – whoops. They were with the elders and they told them they were waiting for to Brazilian sisters... What?!!  We so did not say we were Brazilian.... but ya we are going to see them with like a giant man from our ward. We will see if they really want to learn.  Ya it was a very funny story and they kind of creep me out but hey God loves everyone.

2. The Reference

This week we got a reference to go see a woman from the office and we went to go see her.  She is this blind lady who lives alone.   We went in to meet her and she offered us empanadas, which was nice, but then she made us cook them.  This was fine but she kept trying to tell me that they were done.  I thought to myself, “OK I can see and I am frying them and how do you know they are done you are blind!” They so weren’t done, but I was like so not fighting with a blind lady today.   She kept asking me do you even know how to fry?  I was like thinking what kind of question is that to a girl from the South!!  Ya so we took the uncooked empanadas to her room and started to eat them and yes they were shellfish and uncooked and lets just say we got sick that day. Before we left we asked her if there was anything we could do for her. She said yes and then asked us to buy cigarettes for her.  I told her that I was sorry we can’t do that cause we teach people that is bad for them and we don’t smoke. Then she started screaming and calling us dumb idiots.  I was like geeez!  So we left as she was screaming “Never come back!”  Yes it was an adventure but you just got to laugh at random stuff like that haha !! 

3. Another Reference & Meeting David

We got another reference; ok this story is way better than the other one.  haha,   We went to see if the person from the reference was home and we start talking to the concierge at the building. The concierge, David, told us that he was actually member of the church, but he had not been to church in a long time.  The reference turned up to not be home, but we got talking to the concierge, David and he shared his experience with the church and how he really does have a testimony and how he wants to prepare to go to the temple.  I was like David,    “God knew you needed someone to find you and let you know that it is time you come back to church.”  He was like, “You are right” and said, “Yes I will come back to church.”  It was such a miracle!  It’s been interesting week!   I have spent a lot of time on my mission working with the less active members and helping them see that they just need to come back and that God has been waiting for them the whole time. God knew David needed us and that was a neat experience to meet him.

Love ya’ll and I am working hard and learning a ton!

Hermana Jennings

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