Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Walking Everywhere!

March 18, 2013

Hermana Jennings & the Chilean Flag
This week has been so fun and hard all at the same time. The language is going well- apparently I am really good at it compared to previous new missionaries. I am understanding about 3/4ths of what people say.  One day this week I was a tad bit discouraged about my Spanish even though people say I am doing really well.  It’s hard when you have so much in your heart and you can’t get out the right words to explain it. I told my companion about this and told me the story about when Brigham Young was learning about the gospel. The missionary that was eloquent and a great speaker did not impress him that much, but the missionary that was not good at speaking but gave a simple powerful testimony was the one that made Brigham Young feel the truth of all things and feel the desire to know for himself.  My companion said I was like that missionary - I may not be able to say all the things that I have in my head but I can invite the spirit and speak with the power of that spirit.

We made my mom's your cheese cake but we changed the recipe and used crushed up Oreos as the bottom instead of gram crackers  and the topping we made with more cream cheese, condensed milk, vanilla & sugar mixed with more crushed Oreos.  It was great!   The recipe calls for sour cream and I couldn't find it anywhere here,  but all in all lets just say it was heavenly! I love it . Oh another sad thing I cant find sweet potatoes anywhere.
We have a huge area - like I swear we walk miles and miles each day. Our area covers one ward and they are great, but I do miss the good hard workers in our ward back home.  We also have the APs in our ward with us so our district is split down the middle and we can cross so we don’t waste as much time walking everywhere. The mission office is like 30 minutes away and I have never been to the mission home.  There is a lady here who is my favorite, her name is Carmen and she is like my Chilean aunt. We went over to her house this week to help her make a chocolate cake for the relief society lunch that is after church this Sunday. It was so fun. She is so cute she always says, “I love, love, loooovevvee you", to me.  She was so funny because she was like - I want to you marry my son so you can be a part of my family. He is a doctor....ya there is a catch he is 30, um ya no way!  Way, way too old for me! I just laughed.

This week we had zone conference.  It was such a great experience and I loved being with all the missionaries. We got these sweet shirts for our zone, they are awesome!  I loved what I learned at zone conference also. Our mission president gave a great talk about the prophet Joseph Smith and talked about Joseph’s point of view. It was not easy, he was not perfect.  He did not go into the grove of trees looking to be the next prophet. He probably felt inadequate, but the neat thing is that he just put all his trust in the Lord. Even though he was a prophet he did not have everything go perfect for him.  He had trials and difficulties, but he was able to do superhuman things because he indeed was a man called of God. It was so inspirational and helped my testimony grow of the prophet Joseph Smith and made me even more excited to share the news of the restoration with everyone. I also learned that we should carry a Book of Mormon in our hands at all times as a missionary and even more importantly we need to carry the Book of Mormon in our hearts. If we do that then everything else will be easier because the Book of Mormon teaches us how to become like Christ. It has really helped me to be better because I am always thinking about keeping the Book of Mormon in my heart. When I am about to make a mistake I think about the Book of Mormon and that helps me make a better choice.

Chilean school bus - so cute and small.
So all is good. There are some crazy experiences as a missionary and some really great ones. One of my favorite things is the little Chilean children. One of the girls I met last week came running up to me at church and started talking to me. It was so cute. I then gave her a primary sticker and she loved it.  Tell Liz Emery thanks so much those stickers are a hit with the Chilean children. There is also a daughter of a less active member named Flor.  She is so cute I really want to love her because I know that if we love Flor then her mom will realize that we love her too.  It was so cute she was showing me pictures she drew and I am going to draw one for her. I really want her and her mom to come to church.

The members feed us so much food here. So don’t stuff the poor missionaries in GA haha It’s so hard to eat the huge quantities of food. It’s not that I don’t like it -it's just so much.  Don’t think the missionaries don’t like the food you serve them, it’s probably because they have already been served so much food earlier that day. Like the days when we have 2 dinners is crazy, I can barely walk after.

Missionary work is coming along. Our district where we teach is an area where everyone works and most people  don’t live in this same area so we can’t teach them.  We are finding people to teach, but other missionaries get to teach, but no worries. I love finding people and talking to them.  We do a lot of less active reactivation. So good news this week all of our less actives we have been working with except one, Flor and her mom, came to church this week. It was the best I just love them all so much.

Life is good - I hope everyone is doing so great!  Love all of you!
Fun quote: family = an eternal adventure
Love Hermana Jennings

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