Sunday, February 10, 2013

MTC fun & study time too! - February 7, 2013

So this week was great all the days seem to run together. But this week we had to send off a zone of missionaries - so sad!  As a missionary you meet a ton of great people and then in a few weeks or more you have to say goodbye. It’s crazy how I feel so close to the Elders and Sisters and I have only been here and known them for 3 weeks. I sure hope we are still friends after the mission. They are some great people. I am so thankful that there is so much more than this life. Goodbyes would be so sad if this life was all there was but because of the restored gospel we know there is so much more than this life and so much to look forward too. I can’t wait for our Zone MTC party in heaven I hope we all make it!!!

I love my mission it’s all about the people you meet and how you can touch their lives and how you can learn from them and improve yourself so you can help others. I also love all the fun goofy things that we do on the mission too. We are really good at being silly and having fun, but being serious and spiritual too!
So nothing crazy new has happened this week. Spanish is coming great. One of our lessons we taught the teacher told us that we had done so good and it made me so pumped to leave and teach real investigators. We got to do this thing called TRC this week where we teach volunteers a lesson. They are members. It is really neat! My Spanish is always the best when I teach. It’s crazy how I can just speak when I teach and it’s harder when I am just trying to talk about everyday stuff.

Sister Missionaries are the Best!
So I got to talk to dad this week on the phone!!! So fun to talk to you dad. I found my card..... but it expires soon so it’s a good thing I guess I am getting a new one before I leave the country hahah sorry about that....

I sent a ton of pictures hahah i hope you enjoy them. It's so fun here!!!! I am just going to end my letter and let me talk about my companion. She is from South Jordan, Utah she is really good at basketball super outgoing and fun and she is funny and super spiritual and has the best testimony ever! She is really good about lifting me up and helping me be the best Sister I can be. She is also
a ton of fun we are so goofy and silly it’s the best! She has a guy at home waiting for her... ya I have not heard of that before -  but they are so cute! Um she is a lot like me but very different all at the same time. She is 1/4 Japanese and she has 3 sisters and she also did swim team! um that’s pretty much it!

Hermana Jennings
Winter is in full force in Utah!  

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