Friday, February 22, 2013

Last Week in the MTC

February 21, 2013

Meeting Sister Chyna Miloa

Today was a rough day and at night I felt so sick like I had terrible heart burn. It was awful and in couldn’t sleep so I left the room and went to go sit in the bathroom and try to read. I then just started to pray. I asked the Lord to help me endure the pain, ten minutes later sister Chyna Miloa walked into the bathroom and was an answer to my prayer. She was from Tonga and was just the sweetest ever. We swapped stories for like 2 hours and it really helped me keep my mind off the pain. I know the Lord answers prayers I know he sent me sister Chyna to help me get through my sickness. I am so lucky to be able to have met her and call her my friend. The Lord is aware and will send others in our lives when we need them. We need to remember to live in tune with the spirit so that we will be able to respond to the prompting to help or be that person for someone else in need. I just want to say that God knows us and loves us more than you can comprehend. He wants to shower blessings upon us - so we need to live right and serve him and one day we will rest in his presence forever.
Hannah & Lauren - Please Pray for Hannah!
Hannah's Cancer (Gratefully Hannah was seen by her doctor and she does not have cancer and is now out serving in Chile)

Today we had a fireside and to my surprise my friend from school, Melissa’s parents were the speakers. They talked about faith and how trials can be the greatest miracles in our lives. Afterwards I ran down to see my friend Melissa except I missed her as she had already left, but I was able to talk to her sister. Melissa’s best friend, Hannah is also in the MTC and I wanted to find out if Melissa had seen Hannah before leaving.  Hannah was my second counselor when I was Relief Society president my freshman year. Hannah and I had a bunch of classes together last semester and I just love her. Hannah is the reason I came early on my mission - she is the friend that messaged me over Facebook about getting her mission date moved up. She is the reason I called President Parker and the reason I got to go out on my mission 6 weeks early. Melissa's sister said, “You haven’t heard about Hannah?”  I said, “No”.  She then told me that Hannah went home from the MTC 3 days ago because they think she might have cancer – leukemia. Hannah had not received one of her immunizations so she needed it in the MTC and they randomly took a blood sample and found a really low WBC (white blood cell) count and that she also had swollen lymph nodes.  It’s a miracle they found it, but it’s terrible all at the same time. When I found this out I started to cry. She must be so scared right now and I just wanted to give her a hug.  My companion and I left and then found a quiet place and knelt and prayed for my sweet friend. We then went back to our classroom and grabbed our stuff and Elder Edso asked if I wanted a blessing I said yes and asked Elder Russell to give me a blessing.  The blessing was perfect for me today. I know those Elders truly hold the power of God. I know that the Priesthood is literally the power given to worthy men to act in God’s name on this earth.  I know trials are necessary to gods plan. I don’t know what will happen to sweet Hannah, but I do know that the Lord has a plan for her. I also know that He has a plan for me and I need to trust in Him.
Splits with Gordon B. Hinckley’s Great Grand-daughter
Today was such a fun day I got to go on splits with Hermana Jenson. She is so sweet and I really enjoyed being with her today!   We had a heart to heart talk today, and she told me a secret. She told me that she was Gordon B. Hinckley's great granddaughter~ how neat is that!  She got to spend time with my favorite prophet! It’s crazy, I have been rooming with a great granddaughter of Gordon B. Hinckley for the past month and I didn’t even know it.

Lauren & her friend Tiana - whom she met at the Hill Cumorah  Pageant last summer
Welcoming the New Missionaries
Today was such a great day, one, because it was Hermana Hanson’s B-day and we partied all day and, two, because we got to welcome new missionaries and be the ones to pick them up.   We took them to their rooms and then got their books and dropped them off at class.  It’s so fun! I love when new people come to the MTC! It’s awesome! It made me sad cause I am about to leave and I am really going to miss the friends I have made here!
I love being here and I am so excited to go to Chile soon! 



PS: Keep Hannah in your prayers

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