Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rather Be Out Working

March 12, 2014

This week was a great week because I got to talk to yall! Loreto came to church and so did  Matias, he is the Hermano of Carla. Neither are members but their older siblings are and their parents. They are going through a rough time because their father got into some kind of accident and he is bed ridden and has a tube coming out of his neck to feed him and some other stuff. We finally met him this week with  President Molina and Hermana Molina and it was the saddest thing  I was fighting the tears. They have no money because the parents can’t work because the dad is sick and the mom has to take care of the dad so the branch is going to help them out and we are going to do a service Project for them son. Pray for this little family that is struggling.

This week we went out a ton with the youth from our ward it was great - shoot they are great!  Autumn it makes me think of you and how you go out with the missionaries a lot! Way to go girlie! And this week my comp was sick for 2 days so we were homebound.  We played Uno when she was awake and I finished the Book of Mormon. I testify that the Book of Mormon is true and I always learn something new from it. I would rather be out being a missionary. It’s funny cause sometimes when there is a hard day I think – I wish I could just go home and take a nap…. Ya now after 2 days of being stuck in the house I am not going to wish for that again.  It is definitely better to be out doing something than sitting at home doing nothing.

This Sunday Loreto came to church she is so amazing! She loved it so much and in gospel principles we talked about gifts of the spirit and she commented that gifts of the spirit are like a taste of what we can have after this life if we are faithful…what! She is awesome never really thought about it that way before because God has all of the spiritual gifts and we can develop a few here, but after this life we can have them all.  God wants to share with us and that he wants us to become like him but we must put in our part just praying and doing nothing or saying I have faith and doing nothing will get us nowhere. We must act work and sacrifice to become like God. I love Loreto because not only does she get to learn about the gospel from us we always learn something from her about the gospel.  Her thought process is amazing and its nice cause she thinks out loud so we know exactly what she is thinking – it’s great! I love her honesty and she doesn’t try to hide who she is and I like that about her. But ya she is progressing but we are praying for her boyfriend who lives with her to listen to us.

THIS week also we went to visit Victor - last week we went and it was a complete disaster so this week we were going by to tell him we couldn’t come back anymore. We saw a miracle because we were straight up with him, like victor we can’t help you anymore unless you take the initiative to read, and go to church. Just praying isn’t enough to get salvation - action is essential. I compared it to having a cake in front of me and I look at the cake and just pray all my little heart out that I can taste it but I never act and don’t do anything to pick up my fork place it in the cake and taste the darn cake. hhaha It sounds ridiculous right?   Well it’s just as ridiculous if all we do is pray to God  all day but yet we never act on His commandments to go to church, read our scriptures, serve others, and work  on changing who we are inside to become more like Christ etc. He was like you are right  - I will come to church next week. We will see. I hope he can see the importance of acting in this life. We cannot be passive disciples of Jesus Christ. Well I know that my savior Lives and that this is his church.

Love ya’ll

Hermana Jennings

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