Monday, May 19, 2014


May 19, 2014
Dear Family,

This week we got to do lots of service which was great!

We got to go to the family Cabezas house and with Nicol, ya’ll met her on skype, She is a recent convert and we made sopapillas with her so we could bring them to an investigator named Carla. Her home situation is hard. Her father got into an accident and he can’t work and her mother can’t either and they don’t have a bathroom that works and their kitchen is a microwave. It’s sad so we brought her sopapillas because she asked us to and it was so sweet to see her face light up as she ate them, and her mother too. She is reading the Book of Mormon but she still hasn’t come to church but her brother came last Sunday I hope she can come this Sunday. She really is the sweetest thing and needs the gospel in her life to build her up and give her something to hope in.
We also go to help border some blankets that our stake is going to send up to Valparaiso for the victims of the fires up there. It was fun. We are going to finish it up the next week.

We got to go to a nursing home thing with the relief society of our branch and we got to clean up an outdoor area that was covered with leaves. So we raked leaves - well with brooms… they do that a lot here. We founds lots of fun little critters there also. They didn’t bother me till I had to go get trash out of the huge compost pile and then I’m pretty sure I scared some old people with my screams cause there I founds lots of giant spiders… I so don’t do spiders. But it was so fun to work with the women in the branch even the presidency of the relief society came from our branch. Service really is the best. After Hermana Molina took us out to eat at an Italian restaurant it was so yummy.

The last service project almost did me in. We went to go do service for Hermana Farfan because she fell and fractured her ankle, but her sister got there before all of us did.   So all of us sisters, Nicol, and Hermana Cabezas and Hermana Marta went to Herman Gonzaleses house because her house is on the same lot as hermana Farfans and we started cleaning her house because she just got back surgery and she can sweep or mop.  I started sweeping. Let’s keep in mind that she has 2 cats that live in her house and never leave right so there is just cat hair everywhere. Its funny cause every time we go over there for lunch she has to give me an anti-allergy pill so I don’t sneeze the whole time and this time I didn’t take one and I was sweeping up all sorts of cat stuff. I started in the back of the house and I just was sneezing like crazy like for 3 minutes straight that’s a long time to sneeze without stopping by this time I had almost made it out to the living room. And every time I sneezed it has making it harder to breath and when I got to the living room I could feel my throat closing up and it was really hard to breath. I was like this is scary got to get out of this house. So I ran outside and after a minute of coughing I could get air in again. Ya I went back over to hna Farfans house to talk with her and recover. Yes I can’t clean people’s houses with cats. I sat down for 5 mins and by this time my voice was gone and in walks Marta because she couldn’t breathe either. I’m thinking I  didn’t think that this would be a dangerous service project. It was bad so she had to go home and get her inhaler and we left and I sounded like a frog when I talked but  don’t worry I survived.  It was interesting that’s for sure. But all in all it was great to serve people this week. Just remember that we are God’s hands and that He can bless others through our service.

Well we are working hard. Andres and Paola are doing the paper work so they can get married. I can’t wait for you guys to meet them and their extended family. I love them so much but they are having a rough time right now but I know that they’ll make it through. Well I hope ya’ll are having a great week and know that I love you and that I know this church is true with all my heart and that by living its principles we find true joy. Thanks mom and dad for teaching me the things that bring true happiness sure love ya’ll!

Hermana Jennings

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