Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2nd Week in Pirque

December 30, 2013

So this week was great. It was Christmas and the New Year is coming. I am not going to lie Christmas was weird here cause it was so darn hot and I was sweating, haha but I like to think we can remember our Savior everyday so Christmas wasn’t that different.  I know that God sent us His son Jesus Christ and I know that I can come to know Him by being obedient to the commandments and through the scriptures. This week I was just randomly opening the Book of Mormon to random parts and really studying them and no matter what I read it applied to my investigators and me. So I testify that this book is true and that it is enjoyable to read because you can feel the spirit that comes from it and it really is a way that God speaks to us and helps us find answers to our prayers. 

So we are teaching a 12 year old named Piere and he is so cute. His dad just got baptized in November and  Piere has wanted to be baptized since then but his mom and dad are divorced and the mom won’t let him be baptized, but now his dad has custody of him.  

He only has custody till the 15 of January when they have the court date so we have till the 12th to teach him everything and then he will get baptized. He really has a testimony and knows a lots since his dad has taught him and he has been going to church. He really is the sweetest kid I feel so blessed to be able to teach him and I always leave our lessons uplifted with a desire to just go out and live and smile and be happy.  You know and that my friends is what I live for out here cause you know that life isn’t like that all the time, but it’s those moments that make all the sweat and tears worth it. So don’t get discouraged you just need to keep on swimming and remember the good times and try to help other have a good time and just smile and focus on the people and that is when we will be happy.

So guess who gave a talk this Sunday, this girl did!  The lovely branch president gave me 5 minute notice to my comp and I that we were going to speak.  It went well. I even pulled out a joke or too. Here’s what went down. So he was like, “The first speaker will be Hermana Huber and then the other Hermana,” (yes he wanted me to talk and hadn’t taken the time to remember my name... ) but ya i got up and was like hi I’m the other sister.... they laughed.  Dad you would have been proud -  first joke start of a talk in my life. Don’t worry Autumn I am funnier than you now. heheh 

Sure was great to talk to ya’ll on Christmas.  It was neat and ya’ll made me cry and I watch ya’lls advice all the time. 

So love ya’ll and have a great new year don’t forget to write down some goals. 

Hermana Jennings

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